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Thousands of people are getting vaccinated for the novel coronavirus daily. Now, with a third vaccine, has it become easier to schedule your appointment?

Looking to get the coronavirus vaccine? Here’s where you can get it now

The vaccine era of COVID-19 is finally here, as we’re already a couple of months into the process of people getting the long-awaited and oddly quickly produced coronavirus vaccines.  

There are now three different vaccines being administered in the U.S., all of which prove to be effective in minimizing symptoms pertaining to the novel coronavirus, including hospitalizations and even death. While there are certain tiers of criteria one must meet in order to get their coronavirus vaccine, it’s clear that, should you want to get the vaccine and you should, that we’re all destined to be vaccinated hopefully by July. 

That being said, the registration process for getting a vaccine has proven to be difficult for many, especially those in the elderly category. These are unprecedented times, and while many health authorities are still figuring out the vaccination timeline & process for themselves, we want to be able to help you learn how you can get your coronavirus vaccine. But first, a brief update on where we stand today as it pertains to the vaccine.  

Current coronavirus vaccines 

Currently, there are three vaccines that are being utilized in the U.S., combating the spread of the coronavirus in hopes of putting a stop to the current global pandemic. The first vaccine, by Pfizer-BioNTech, was first administered in the U.S. in early December 2020. The second vaccine to fight COVID-19 was developed by Moderna, which was also first given to those defined as “high exposure risks” around Christmas time. 

Both of these coronavirus vaccines are estimated to fight the coronavirus with an effectiveness rate of over 92%. However, both vaccines currently require two separate doses, with each needing several weeks in between to build the proper antibodies for protection against the disease. 

While scientists & medical experts are still waiting on more data, early determination suggests that both of these current vaccines can protect people against the concerning new variants from the UK & South Africa. Pfizer, however, did come out with a report on Thursday suggesting that development for a third “booster” shot is already underway, made to specifically target the new variants and their spike proteins. 

Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Last week, the world was given the joyous news that the FDA was currently reviewing a third coronavirus vaccine, this time developed by Johnson & Johnson. This vaccine, while not as efficient as Pfizer & Moderna, is said to have an effectiveness rate of over 85%, and only requires a single shot, which is huge in terms of rallying our way towards herd immunity. 

Now that the CDC has authorized emergency use for the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, numbers of vaccinated people should soon skyrocket thanks to its single-dose requirement. Hopefully, this means that the number of positive COVID-19 cases will fall at a rapid rate. 

Where can you get the vaccine? 

Most states currently offer drive-thru vaccination sites should you meet the current vaccination criteria, which for the moment concerns of age, exposure risk, and underlying health issues. Examples of these large vaccination sites include local zoos, arenas, stadiums, malls, and even theme parks. 

As of now, CVS & Walgreens are administering the first two coronavirus vaccines, as the current Johnson & Johnson vaccine has only shipped four-million doses to the U.S. This number, however, should rise in the forthcoming weeks. As for now, it’s important to contact your health provider and see when & if you qualify.

We’re not too far off from when local pharmacies should be able to administer the vaccine themselves so that you’re not forced to find transportation to one of these major vaccination sites.  

Healthcare and senior living facilities, arguably the most vulnerable populations, are still at the top of the list for a coronavirus vaccine. Phase 1B of those who meet the criteria is also underway in many states, with educators, first responders, transportations workers, and food workers nearly able to get the vaccine.  

Registration issues

While the vaccination process is still pressing on, there seem to be constant issues in administering these vaccines in an organized manner. It’s fair to point out that this is a completely new process in our lifetime, and that many of our science & health professionals are learning on the fly.

Last week, Washington D.C. residents that have been hopeful about getting their vaccine for the coronavirus struggled to register online for a vaccine appointment. Videos & testimonies have been posted showing how the Districts registration site has been facing many tech-related issues. This included freezing up, deleting information, and even refusing to accept the correct “captcha” inserts. Hopefully, these problems are fixed.

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