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Do you truly know which film festivals are totally worth the buzz and why filmmakers seem to adore them? Buckle up for the top 10 in 2023!

Walkatjurra invites viewers to reassess their relationship with nature and learn from Australia's original custodians about harmonious coexistence.

Every Line presents a heartfelt journey of a woman combating trauma and suicide, underlining the strength required to keep going.

Each year, MDFF curates world-class features directly from some of the most prestigious documentary film festivals worldwide. Look who's on for 2023!

The 6th Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is home to some of the greatest documentaries in the world. Find out how to get involved in it today.

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival recently held its 2020 ceremony. Find out which films and filmmakers took home awards.

Director Judith Ehrlich has spent plenty of time covering the Vietnam War, but her new documentary 'The Boys Who Said NO!' shows a new perspective of it.

Premiering at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, 'Insert Coin' takes a look at the legacy of one of the best video game developers, Eugene Jarvis.

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is going to be held online this year! Here are our top 10 picks that are going to be shown.