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You could assume things in the entertainment industry would’ve slowed down a little as of late. In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s illicit activities, Hollywood is taking a

‘I Remember You’ is an atmospheric chiller that is both a hair-raising ghost story and a powerful tale of life beyond death.

Serpico’s one-man crusade for police reform inspired the Al Pacino classic. But now he tells his own story in Antonino D’Ambrosio’s ‘Frank Serpico’.

'The Tribes of Palos Verdes' is a stirring look at how life’s greatest challenges forge who we become.

A mysterious stranger sends shockwaves through a close-knit community in Jamie M. Dagg's nerve-jangling ‘Sweet Virginia’.

Hitchcock’s infamous ‘Pyshco’ shower scene would redefine screen violence and set the stage for decades to come. Pull back the curtain in ‘78/52’.

Feeling cooped up as Autumn descends upon the dreams of summer past? Venture out into the refreshing crisp air with FD’s weekend cinema roundup. Embark on a spiritual

'Rebel in the Rye' offers a tantalizing window into the life and times of a little-understood genius who broke the rules and redefined American literature.

Do date night right with Film Daily’s selection of the best films to catch this weekend. Take a journey into the mind of Stephen King with Muschietti’s adaptation