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Last week, a story broke about overpriced cabinets being a cover for human trafficking on a popular furniture site, Wayfair.

A former employee has alleged that the platform has lied about its supposed "dedication" to reducing hate speech & violence. What's wrong with Facebook?

Unfortunately, child trafficking is still an ongoing crisis all over the world. Get involved in helping to save the children however you can today.

Are the TikTok famous stories about Target as a sex trafficking a hoax? Learn more about the reality behind these stories.

What exactly happened to Brittanee Drexel? Learn more about the her disappearance and the ongoing search for her that ensued.

Is the U.S. doing enough to end human trafficking? Learn about the new DOJ efforts to stop human traffic in its tracks.

Are the QAnon posts and protests helping or hurting efforts to stop sex trafficking? Discover what #SaveOurChildren is about.

Is the trending hashtag on trafficking children fake news? Learn about human trafficking stories coming out now.

Wayfair was accused of human trafficking were the suspiciously high price of certain stock. Here's what we know about the evidence.