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There are several pros to filming in a studio than there are cons! Here's why filming on location pales in comparison!

FilmocracyFest's film market event came back with its second edition, bringing industry professionals and talent together. Here's all you need to know.

Event Horizon Films collaborates with film festivals to help find aspiring screenwriters. Learn more about Event Horizon here.

The Brainwash Movie Drive-in/Bike-in/Walk-in Festival is one of the most unique opportunities for indie filmmakers. But submissions are coming to a close!

The New Voices Short Film Festival was made for new film makers. If you've been looking for a festival to show your debut picture, this is the festival

We turn our spotlight to some of the best LGBTQI film festivals, so we now look at the best advocacy groups for LGBTQI filmmakers to find funding.

Getting a press pass as a blogger is relatively simple, but there are a number tricks you need to know about before approaching a film festival press team.

Female-focused film festivals are more important in supporting and showcasing female talent in the movie industry.

There are many dos to consider when entering a film festival. We look at the ultimate don’ts worth considering when submitting to a film fest.