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No one is enjoying the adaptation of 'Dear Evan Hansen', but why? See if the cast of the musical movie is to blame here.

'Pitch Perfect' really does seem to have legs, seeing as there's now an upcoming spinoff series in the works. But will Ben Platt join?

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How badly did 'Dear Evan Hansen' bomb at TIFF? Scroll through Twitter to see the critics tear everything from the plot to the Ben Platt's actual hair.

The plot of the new 'Dear Evan Hansen' movie may seem . . . . unfamiliar to some audiences. Get to your seats as we dive into the

The highly anticipated film adaptation of 'Dear Evan Hansen' is finally coming soon. Could the plot of the movie change?

People across Hollywood are now coming to the defense of Lin-Manuel Miranda. But did the 'In The Heights' creator really need to apologize?

After months of closure, the Great White Way is finally reopening! Start doing vocal warmups and dive into our list of Broadway shows that’ll be reopening.