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Let’s dive in with Andrea Canning of 'Dateline' NBC to hear Karl’s story on “The House on the Hill”. Is Karl Karlsen a killer or a grieving father?

One of the amazing superpowers of 'Dateline' NBC is its ability to find some of the weirdest twists. Here's the story of "Finding Venus".

You know what they say, “true crime, glass of wine, bed by nine”. Need a great murder story? Here are the episodes to watch on NBC's 'Dateline' tonight!

NBC’s 'Dateline' has evolved from an electronic magazine to a criminal investigation program. Unearth the craziest episodes here.

'The Thing About Pam' is coming to NBC for all you true crime fanatics out there. Revisit the case of Pam Hupp before tuning in to the show

Anyone familiar with the saga of Pam Hupp knows you need major talent to play her on TV. Learn about the upcoming TV show starring Renee Zellweger!

The most classic show about the murdered and the missing is streaming on NBC. Watch these iconic 'Dateline' episodes now.

'Dateline' on NBC has some great episodes Valentine's day episodes to watch with your sweetheart. Here's a guide to a romantic 'Dateline' binge watch.

We love Keith Morrison. Here are all of the best memes celebrating the 'Dateline' host who stole true crime lovers' hearts.