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Is there honor in killing? Ali Irsan's case featured in the 'Dateline' NBC episode "Deliberate Evil", asks that question.

When Chris Smith embarked on his next adventure, it never occurred to his friends and family that he may never make it back home.

'Dateline' NBC isn't slowing down at all. Here are the best episodes of 'Dateline' in 2020 that we’re streaming tonight.

The 'Dateline' podcast has become our go-to for catching up on our favorite show while we’re on the move. Here's the best episodes for you to get started!

Why is the 'Dateline' tonight episode “In a Lonely Place” so chilling? Well, here’s the details about the case and what we know.

“Stealing Paradise” is the 'Dateline' episode that takes on the crimes of William Dathan Holbert (“Wild Bill” Cortez). Here's what we know.

The story behind Heather Bogle's murder is disgusting, but the story behind the sheriff department's mishandling of her case is even more atrocious. Learn more about this crazy

The Dateline episode "The Halloween Party" leaves a bitter taste in our mouths every time we see it. Read more about what happened to the Michigan woman in

Since Pam Hupp was convicted of murder in 2019, 'Dateline' NBC has refused to keep their hands off of her story. Here's why.