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Conservative talk radio host Dan Bongino suggests he'll quit over looming vaccine mandates. Just how out of hand has all this vaccine talk gotten?

Studies show more and more people are getting vaccinated. But will COVID shots be added to the CDC vaccine schedule soon? Let’s find out!

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The Teletubbies are some of our favorite characters for a reason, as they've officially been vaxxed! Have you protected yourself from COVID-19 yet?

Just in: The CDC has lifted some of its mask guidelines for people who got the COVID vaccine. See what activities you can do maskless after getting the

Vaccine passports may be required for future travel. Can digital vaccine passports serve as a HIPAA violation, though? It's a healthy struggle.

Of all the things governments are seeking guidance from, we never thought the 'Contagion' film would be one of them. Here's how it's helping the UK.

Some people are skeptical of the coronavirus vaccine and those who are ready to take it have some hilarious jokes about it.