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Conservative talk radio host Dan Bongino suggests he'll quit over looming vaccine mandates. Just how out of hand has all this vaccine talk gotten?

Will host Dan Bongino lose his net worth after the vaccine scandal?

On Monday, longtime Conservative talk radio host Dan Bongino threatened to walk away from Cumulus radio network, which currently syndicates his Fox Nation program, specifically due to their impending plans for a COVID-19 vaccine requirement. “You can have me, or you can have a vaccine mandate, but you can’t have both,” Bongino said. “I grew up without a lot of money . . . I’m not leaving those guys behind.”

Bongino, who has been vaccinated himself, continued on with his defense of those who chose not to be vaccinated: “If the company is going to make political decisions, and I believe this was a political decision, I don’t believe this is based on science, they should at least recognize that the company makes a lot of money from people with the opposite political view.” We wonder how all of this will affect Dan Bongino’s net worth? 

The former New York Police Department detective added: “I have no intentions of letting these guys get let go, get harassed, because they made a private and personal medical decision on only one of the biggest issues of our time. There is a real thing called natural immunity. There is an even realer thing called freedom and liberty. This is a constitutional republic. People have the right to make their own medical decisions.” 

Vaccine wars

Several vaccines for COVID-19 have been available for over a year now, meaning that most people who wanted to get vaccinated are already vaccinated. Now, we as a society find ourselves in dangerous territory, where many businesses, as well as other organizations, are placing vaccine mandates for their employees, requiring them to either get vaccinated or lose their job as a consequence.

We’ve already seen much pushback by multiple figures who have refused to get the vaccine as a way to “give a voice to the voiceless”, such as NBA and Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving, who will be losing out on millions by sitting out this season given New York’s vaccine mandate for its business. 

Bongino added on his thoughts regarding these mandates, stating “Have these companies ever thought of the countless numbers of moms and dads, sitting at some kitchen table trying to explain to their kids how they have to move out because Daddy doesn’t have a job because a bunch of people in the C-suite thought it would be a good idea to play ‘Pretend Dr. Fauci’ for a minute?”

As it stands, Dan Bongino currently has a net worth of around $8 million, as reported by Exact Net Worth. However, it’s likely that should these mandates stay in place that Dan Bongino’s net worth might take a big hit in the forthcoming years. Maybe it’s time for a vaccine refresher. 

U.S. vaccines 

According to recent data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 51% of U.S. citizens have been fully vaccinated for the coronavirus. As of today, there are three vaccines that are being used to fight the spread of COVID-19 and end the current global pandemic.

The first vaccine, developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, was first administered in the U.S. at the end of 2020. The second vaccine to fight COVID-19 was developed by Moderna, which was also first given the green light for emergency use at the tail-end of 2020. Both of these coronavirus vaccines are estimated to combat the coronavirus with an impressive effectiveness rate of over 93%. 

However, both vaccines currently require two separate doses, with each needing several weeks in between to build the proper antibodies for protection against the deadly disease. A third coronavirus vaccine, this time developed by Johnson & Johnson, was given the OK in early 2021. This vaccine, while not as efficient as Pfizer & Moderna, is said to have an effectiveness rate of over 85%, and requires only a single shot.

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  • Why not mention that these vaccines are now responsible for over 50,000 deaths as well as 800,000 people with adverse effects, some requiring them to be in a wheelchair, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune diseases, palsy……it’s much better to get the Covid flu than these dangerous shots. But, the news won’t report this. They are corrupt and sponsored by the drug companies.

    This man deserves a badge of honour for what he is doing by standing up for those who don’t want the jab. It doesn’t even work, as demonstrated by these mandates. If it did, only a few would have to get them and everyone else would be protected by their immune system, (which is much better than a chemical shot which has never been tested for safety – when they tried, all the lab animals died.) or take their chances with something 99.9% recoverable. What a giant fraud.

    October 30, 2021

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