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At the "Idris Elba height" of fame, yet no 007 role? Uncover the Bond-Elba connection, Hollywood's biases, and why Idris doesn't need that tux to turn heads.

Discover the groomed grit and British charm of Aaron Taylor Johnson, our intoxicating new Bond. From Kick-Ass to 007, hang on tight for a thrilling ride!

What is Berdom Machined Casting? Here's everything you need to know about the process and how it can help you.

The film project, tentatively entitled The Trilogy, consists of three sequential major motion pictures. Here's how you can join the casting.

Looking for acting gigs but don't have previous roles? Here's how you can still become a star even while casting with no experience!

Voice acting is a huge part of the filmmaking process. Here are some tips on how to cast the best voice actors for the role.

In production, you can work with two types of performers: actors or non-actors. Let’s take a look at the pros & cons of casting non-actors in your films.

We were hyped to sit down with the bosses of Casting Elite and chat about why y’all will want to use their fantastic service.