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The film project, tentatively entitled The Trilogy, consists of three sequential major motion pictures. Here's how you can join the casting.

Casting in London, UK and in Greece for Three Major Motion Pictures Is Underway

Twenty lead roles and many supporting roles are still available for actors from the LGBT community, for children and for straight actors in the film project The Trilogy.

The film project, tentatively entitled The Trilogy, consists of three sequential major motion pictures of 100 minutes each and three related documentaries of 48 minutes each. All six products will be shot in high definition, and in Hollywood standard. The first two feature films and the first two documentaries will be shot in London, while the third film and the third documentary will be shot in a tourist resort in Greece.

A list of roles that are still available and instructions on how to participate to the casting are published on Global Film Actors Agency’s website at: CASTING CALL.

The Trilogy is the latest project of Bruno Pischiutta, who wrote the screenplays, will direct the films and will be the producer of the three films together with Daria Trifu, for the Canadian company Global Film Studio.

Bruno Pischiutta is one of the last great Italian directors of his generation, and the only one who has lived in America for almost years. During his film career he has worked with hundreds of talents, including two Nobel Price laureates, created and developed numerous feature films in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and won major awards in several countries. 

In China, he wrote and developed the feature film The Sepia Portrait and in Ghana, he completed the feature Punctured Hope, which the Hollywood Political Film Society recognized as the Best Film Exposé and Best Film on Human Rights of 2009, and proposed it for nomination at the 2009 Academy Awards®. 

The Trilogy has a way of extending itself widely and continually surprising the viewer. Director Bruno Pischiutta will rely on the work of two assistants: Olga Matsyna, with whom he’s been working for years and with whom he found important elective affinities, and Miguel Ramos Artime, a member of the LGBT community in London, who has a comprehensive film culture and graduated from the University of the Arts London.

Assistant Director Olga Matsyna aka Christie Norton

Matsyna, who is also known as Christie Norton when she plays in front of the camera, is a very good actress, a super model and a person of high intellectual values who is also a professional translator, speaks seven languages and has published, as a writer, several novels, plays and screenplays.

Assistant Director Miguel Ramos Artime

Miguel Ramos Artime is an actor and a filmmaker with years of experience. He just wrapped production in Nigeria on the feature film Cultural Bites that he co-wrote, co-directed and co-produced with his friend Prince Asonye. Artime also stars in the film in the role of the white man (aka Oyibo Man) who marries a local princess.

The cast of The Trilogy includes some national and international stars; around thirty actors have already been cast in lead and supporting roles.

Before the production of The Trilogy starts in London, Artime will be in charge of helping Pischiutta to complete the cast by pointing him to a group of actors and actresses from the LGBT community.

The Trilogy films are main stream, however, to fully develop the principal subjects, the sex scenes are pushed to the edge and guarantee the popularity and the broad interest of different segments of the world’s viewers.

In tune with Elon Musk’s action in the corporate world, Bruno Pischiutta is taking with these films a stand on the freedom of speech debate.

The films will be very important and positive for the LGBT community, and in addition to the freedom of speech, they will also touch on the very troubling realities of the sexualization of children, Satanism, and pedophilia.

The plot of the feature films follows different characters and love stories typical of today’s scene, where love and sexual relationships are more complicated than ever because they are often interracial and sometimes involve characters from the LGBT community in a kaleidoscope of different nationalities, traditions, and ways. Love relationships are not caused and motivated by logic but by passion, and the force of passion gives them life and governs them in a constant fluctuating variation that is always interesting and often surprising.

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