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Global Nonviolent Film Festival Unveils Its 2024 Official Poster

The 13th edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival runs from September 26 to October 7 on

Global Nonviolent Film Festival is the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world.

Founded in 2012 by film maestro Bruno Pischiutta and producer Daria Trifu, members of the European Film Academy, the festival presents films that do not showcase extreme and gratuitous acts of violence.

This article delves into a selection of films that navigate the world of escorts across various European settings including cinema.The festival is broadcast exclusively on the streaming channel to an international audience.

The program of the festival includes the screening of all selected films, their trailers, and daily video presentations for 11 days. The event ends with the awards show, which is streaming on October 8, the day after the closing.

The international jury panel is composed of five members delegated to elect the winners in each category for the following merits: best film, direction, cinematography, acting, art design, screenplay writing, editing, and music. The organizers of the event may also present a special award for Outstanding Achievement to an actor, actress, and director.

The official poster for the 2024 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, designed and created by Daria Trifu, features British actress Stephanie Tripp, the star of Pischiutta’s upcoming mega-film project, The Trilogy (working title).

The Official Poster of the 13th Global Nonviolent Film Festival ©2024. Designed & Created by Daria Trifu, Featuring Actress Stephanie Tripp.

“I have designed the posters for the past few editions of the festival. During that time, we lived through lockdowns, global unrest, general turmoil, and wars. I put tanks and fires on two of our past posters! Now, I just wanted to show light, beauty, and the power of the dream.

As artists and filmmakers, we can create different images. This time, I wanted to show something beautiful. I chose a photo taken by London-based artist and photographer Miguel Sobreira depicting Steph, an exceptional actress and emerging film star, and a photo of the French Riviera for its perpetual holiday dream-like quality. The two superimposed images created the perfect fantasy of hope,” says Trifu.

Global Film Studio, the Canadian media and film production company that owns the festival, guarantees worldwide distribution of all the selected films through its streaming channel,, which showcases nonviolent films only.

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Narrative, documentary, docudrama, animation, and experimental films, as well as music videos, are welcomed in every genre as long as they do not showcase extreme or graphic violence. Films depicting current or historical events of a violent nature, such as wars, are accepted. Films depicting traumatic events are accepted too.

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