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We were hyped to sit down with the bosses of Casting Elite and chat about why y’all will want to use their fantastic service.

Want to pursue a career as an actor? Join Casting Elite

Acting: it’s a hard freakin’ job, and casting is one of the hardest parts of the process. Casting Elite is here to help streamline the process for both actors and casting directors alike. Their innovative new platform allows early castings to be much more efficient while saving time & money for both casting directors and talent.

With Casting Elite, you can now go into a casting knowing that those who you are about to see truly have the potential to land that specific role.

For talent, Casting Elite saves time & money for all by allowing you to instantly submit an audition without having to deal with the hassles of driving, parking, and taking a half-day, if not a full day, off work. Actors are also given the opportunity seamlessly to record themselves in the comfort of their own home as many times as they’d like until satisfied with their performance.

We were hyped to sit down with the bosses of Casting Elite and chat about why y’all will want to use their fantastic service.

Tell us about Casting Elite. In a world filled with casting agencies, why are you the best?

Before Casting Elite, actors were forced to take time off from work, endure endless traffic jams, and sit for hours at a casting office in order to audition, while casting directors often dealt with actors who looked nothing like their headshots or had no acting talent. 

Casting directors would usually be forced to limit the amount of time and number of actors they could see. But Casting Elite has revolutionized the entertainment industry making all that a thing of the past.

How can your clients use Casting Elite’s technology to help them find work?

Now filmmakers, producers, and actors can participate in the audition process from virtually anywhere in the world, saving everyone a lot of time & money. With Casting Elite, people can post their projects directly on the site and actors can record & upload their auditions using a smartphone or other similar recording device. Since actors record his or her own auditions, they can ensure that whoever is casting sees their best take, and the person casting can view auditions wherever and whenever they want. 

Casting Elite has also implemented a new and revolutionary voting system that allows people to vote on the auditions they like, giving insight on who the audience wants to see. And to top off all of these great features, the site is free – putting all of Casting Elite’s revolutionary tools and features in the hands of anyone who signs up. 

What notable casting directors do you work with?

We are constantly meeting with different producers and executives from various channels and adding to our network. Though we do work with many casting directors, we find that with our service, it is often directors or executive producers who are signing up and using our website to cast. Our recent additions are executive producers from the Hallmark channel and A&E as well as NBC/Universal.

What projects have you worked on that we should know about?

We have recently had an upsurge on reality shows looking to cast, including a vegan cooking show on A&E and a reality show on CBS.

What areas do you work in? Are you national/international?  

Actors (film and theatrical), models, dancers, singers, stand-ins, acrobats, real people and real families, professionals, and specialties are among the many types of performers in our talent pool. We work in all areas of entertainment: theatre, movies, dramatic shows, comedies, reality TV, student films, shorts, etc. 

And though the majority of our users currently reside in the US, our international numbers are growing at a tremendous rate. The idea of Casting Elite was to remove limits, to show that it’s possible to get discovered and have an acting career no matter where you live on the globe.

What is Casting Elite’s success rate?

We have had many users cast in various projects through Casting Elite. However, unlike casting directors, we do not cast each project from beginning to end. Rather, we provide a platform for directors, producers, filmmakers, etc. to access a vast array of talent. It is then up to the parties to communicate with each other regarding the final decision-making process.

What are your growth plans?

Though we have always pushed for growth and increasing our numbers, we want to ensure first & foremost that we do so at a pace at which we do not compromise our product. And although we do not have any set number of users that we want to add by a certain time, it is always exciting to see the number of new users who have signed up each day.

How much does it cost to use your services?  

It is absolutely free for both actors and casting persons. There are thousands of people who want to be actors working in the entertainment business, and unfortunately, there are many businesses trying to take advantage of that. 

Actors trying to get a start in their careers are expected to pay so much money for acting lessons, headshots, etc. when they are just trying to get their foot in the door and are limited financially. We wanted to provide a service that is available to everyone and not limited to those who can afford to pay.

Tell us about your management team. Why are they the best people to lead this service? 

Lyn Diaz manages the company and it is her own experiences as a model-actress going to castings & auditions that brought about the creation of Casting Elite. 

“I have been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years now and, as an actor myself, understand what actors go through during the audition process. I would often find myself frustrated at auditions where the wait time to see the casting director would take two or three hours. 

“When I would finally get in, sometimes the casting director would not be there and it would be the casting assistant taking my picture or putting me on video. There had to be a way to make this process more efficient – and that is where the idea of Casting Elite was created.”

What sort of network do you have numbers-wise?

We currently have close to 20,000 users, but because our services are not restricted by location, we see those numbers increasing at a phenomenal rate.

What do you want our readers to know about Casting Elite?

Casting Elite was created to be a community where actors & filmmakers can come together and create art in whatever form. We want to make that process as simple and efficient as possible so that artists can get past the red tape and focus on their art.

This industry is rapidly growing with new projects every minute. By making the process easier for everyone, Casting Elite is poised to revolutionize the industry. Casting Elite is a completely free service, so we suggest you give it a try. You’ll have a personal account manager handling your process from audition to the first day of the shoot! 

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