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Casino movies are great, but here's a rundown of gambling on film and what makes it special.

There are lots of great casino scenes in movies, but here's a rundown of the absolute best.

There are tons of famous casino movies throughout history. Here's a list of the absolute best.

There are tons of great gambling movies out there. Here's a list of some of the absolute best.

Ready for some classic casino movie excitement? Movies are all about escapism and these all-time top casino classics are all worth watching and rewatching.

Casino movies are bigger than ever. Find out what makes them such a lucrative subgenre.

Sometimes a sleight of hand has a little bit of truth in it. Learn more about the casino movies using the most realistic moves in their gambling scenes!

Believe it or not there are some benefits to spending your weekend binge watching casino movies. Justify your next movie marathon with these plus sides.

We take a quick look at some cool casino movies and highlight our top 5 favorite casino quotes in these movies. Interested? Keep reading to see our top