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Here's everything you need to know about Brian cox's most shady line about the cast members on "Succession" season 3.

Meryl Streep has finally been caught nude? Look at all the things Brian cox used to say about the actress before his own controversies came up.

After a merciless two-year wait, HBO has announced that 'Succession' will return. Read what to expect in season 3 and why fans are scrutinizing the poster.

Brian Cox is one of those actors best known for their villainous roles. Cox has played a lot of villains, here’s a few that stand out above the

Who would've thought Hannibal Lecter had Mexican origins? Pour yourself some Chianti and read all about Alfredo Ballí Treviño and his gruesome crime!

Screw the beach, say “fuck you” to the sun, and the forget all about that blasted bikini bod. We’re here for all the hot new shows hitting the