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Happy Friday, folks – out of the storm and into the warm. We’re finally hitting that wondrous time of the year when the cold weather is over. The

Enough about film fests and panthers and Bonds, James Bonds. Let’s look ahead to better things: it’s finally time to sit back and take a two-day break with

Here at Film Daily, we’re big believers that Ms. Jones is easily one of the finest female superheroes of all time. But here’s a ranking of ten more

Do you remember when going to the cinema was the highlight of the weekend? The smell of the popcorn, the anticipation as the trailers rolled, the potential makeout

The 'Black Panther' effect: Let’s take a look at some of the most outrageous deleted scenes in movie history – some good, some bad, some that would’ve completely

We love exploring and decoding language, particularly with fictional languages created especially for a TV show or movie. With Ryan Coogler’s 'Black Panther' causing audiences to obsess over

Original ideas – who needs ‘em? Definitely not Hollywood as it continues to churn out streams of content from the remake mill. If it seems like there’s a

All you need to do today is fixate your eyeballs on FD’s picks of the best films to catch this weekend. Get lost in “The Shimmer” with 'Annihilation';

We're feeling the superhero movie fatigue too, but 'Black Panther' is the exception. Not only is it a fresh and genre-bending flick, but 'Black Panther' is also just