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In exciting Pfizer news, it looks like we're not too far off from children aged 5+ getting the COVID vaccine! Care to learn the latest?

A study by 'Science Magazine' has uncovered new information about the initial spread of COVID-19 in the USA. Is Biogen responsible?

Fans of the British anthology 'Black Mirror' see parallels between the TV show and the COViD-19 vaccine. Will Boris Johnson be the star of the episode?

A coronavirus vaccine has officially been judged safe for use and will be rolling out in the UK next week. Here's when you can get it.

The first coronavirus vaccine was invented by Pfizer & BioNTech, and the other was created by Moderna. What are the next steps?

A 90% effective coronavirus vaccine was announced, but will it stop the outbreak? Here's a look into the hopeful vaccine.

The end of the coronavirus may be in sight. Could this 90% effective vaccine be the cure we've been waiting for?