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The waves of social media buzz around Maluma and Madonna getting frisky is reaching tsunami levels! Look at what just showed up now.

UEFA Avrupa Ligi'nde yarın ve 17 Mart Perşembe günü Barcelona ile karşılaşacak sarıkırmızılılar. İnternetten nasıl izleyebilirsiniz?

Shakira and her son were attacked in the middle of bustling Barcelona, Spain. The culprits? A pair of violent, wild boars. See how the singer escaped.

Last Wednesday, singer Shakira went for a walk at the park while on vacation in Barcelona with her son. How did it turn into a fight for their

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona? It is important to know the laws and customs surrounding weed. Dive into the details of Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona!

Which football clubs are worth the most? From valuable players to revenue, these FCs are super valuable. See if your team made the list here.

The Champions League Finals are finally here, as the UEFA's best teams face off. Here's the current standings for the tournament.