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Are you planning a trip to Barcelona? It is important to know the laws and customs surrounding weed. Dive into the details of Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona!

Guide to Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Barcelona in Spain is one of the world’s top cities for cannabis lovers, which is why it is often referred to as the “New Amsterdam”. It is estimated that there are currently more than 400 cannabis clubs in the city. While living in Barcelona you can also buy cannabis seeds from international brands like Fast Buds, and grow your own cannabis plants at home!

Far & Wide has ranked Barcelona as the world’s second-best cannabis-friendly city just after Amsterdam because the city allows people to possess up to 40 grams of marijuana and grow two plants on your property.

However, unlike Amsterdam, where you can get weed in a cannabis café, in Barcelona, you must become a member of a cannabis club to get it.

Remember, technically, marijuana is still illegal in the city. You cannot sell or traffic the weed. It is seen as a “civil fault”. You can be charged and fined if you are seen smoking in public, particularly more than two grams. You can even be jailed for up to four years if you are seen selling the stuff. The authorities may charge you for being a “drug dealer”

In Barcelona, you are legally allowed to grow a limited amount in your home, you can consume cannabis within your home, or in a cannabis club.

What Are Cannabis Clubs?

These are social organizations, community spaces, where cannabis lovers, growers, and connoisseurs come together to cultivate and consume in a relaxed, friendly, safe, and welcoming environment. 

Many of these clubs are non-profit organizations where the weed is meant to be shared among the members. Members of these clubs can also socialize with other like-minded people within the private place. Sometimes, these clubs in the city are also called cannabis lounges.

The cannabis you get in these clubs is only for personal use. You cannot bring your own marijuana to smoke in the club. You cannot take out the weed with you as you leave the club. And, of course, you are not allowed to sell it outside. The clubs always recommend that you should never name the place where you got your weed in case you get caught.

You cannot buy marijuana in the club because technically when you “buy” you will be a part of the illegal trafficking of commercial weed. You can instead “acquire it” by making a small donation to the team that grows and cultivate weed legally.

These clubs are also recreational organizations. Many of them look like your regular club in the daytime. You will see people socializing or working on their laptops. The cannabis culture takes over only during the evening. You can also buy food and drinks. There are plenty of games you can play. There is also music, dancing, and special shows.

Why is Membership Necessary?

Membership is necessary because these are not like the cannabis cafes of Amsterdam or regular restaurants. They are more like the clubs you will find throughout the world that charge a membership fee. Membership contributions where you have to pay the fee are mandatory. There are other requirements as well for joining the club.

To become a member, you must first receive an invitation. Sign up here for cannabis club membership. Fill out a short form to receive your invitation. It will arrive in your email. Show your consent by replying to the email. You will also receive the address and directions to reach the club.

You will also receive your membership QR code, which you must show at the club gate along with your personal identification like your driving license, passport, identity card, or something relevant. Pay the membership fee and you will receive your club card. This fee is payable even if you don’t smoke.

In some clubs, you may be asked to supply your address. If you are a tourist visiting Barcelona, just tell them the name of your hotel, hostel, or apartment. No one is going to check and verify.

Who Can Join the Cannabis Club?

membership is allowed to anyone, including tourists. But you have to be over the age of 18 years. It is not obligatory to be a resident of Spain. In some cannabis clubs in Barcelona, the legal age for membership is 21 years. Here are the eligibility criteria for membership – 

  • Residents of Barcelona or any other part of Spain
  • Tourists from all over the world
  • People over the age of 18 or 21, depending on the club
  • Only registered members
  • Only those who have provided a personal identification
  • People who have paid the membership fee

Remember, it is not legal to enter the club, purchase marijuana and leave. This will violate Spanish laws. The club can be penalized and even shut down if you do this. You can only consume within the premises.

But there is a restriction on how much you can smoke. There is a curb on how much cannabis the clubs can serve. Usually, you can get 5g per person. When this line is crossed, the clubs are seen as aiding more than “personal” use. They can also be penalized for this.

How Much Does It Cost to Join a Cannabis Club?

The membership fee to join will be different for each club. It can be as high as 20€. Remember, the clubs will accept only cash. Your club card and the membership money will be valid for one year. It can be renewed easily after this, provided you haven’t violated any club laws.

Can I Take Marijuana with Me Out of the Club?

No, cannabis outside of the establishment is illegal. You will have to make a “donation” to get your weed in the club. You have to then consume the marijuana inside the premises. The Barcelona city authorities may fine and even jail you if you are seen carrying, smoking, or distributing weed outside the club, especially in public places.

What Can I Try at a Cannabis Club?

The best cannabis clubs in Barcelona offer a wide range of products. You can try sinsemilla, pre-rolls, hashish, and products for vape pens. There are all types of smoking gadgets that will help you try the weed. You will also find delicious marijuana edibles in these places.

Remember, you have legal protection if you consume marijuana within the club and follow all their rules and regulations. So get your invitation at the website and become a member of a cannabis club in the city. Not only will you have access to the best products, but you will also be able to smoke legally. You will also meet others just like you at the club.

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