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Director Clarence Fuller presents 'Signs of Love' at the 2022 Rome Film Fest. Here's why critics are already raving over the new film sensation!

The Montreal Independent Film Festival recently announced its latest winners. Find out who took home statues here.

Awards season is officially underway, because the Golden Globe Award nominations were announced. Let's dive in.

Well, the votes are in – the 2021 Academy awards will be postponed. The Oscars is riddled with problems and here's why it should be cancelled.

Yes, the fashion first-timers might’ve made faux pas on the red carpet at awards shows, but does that even matter? And should we even care?

While storytelling is a constructive way to express feelings about current affairs, do we really need the Oscars to tell us which are the most valuable?

Today we’re shining a spotlight on data from J.D. Williams and Company about ageism at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.