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The sales marketing funnel is used for channeling prospective customers through the different stages of converting them into loyal customers.

From 'Alien' to 'Demolition Man', get fired up as you learn more about famous guns and weapons from your favorite Blockbuster movies!

'Assassin League' is the new action film by Matt Wasiewicz. Learn more about the film and the filmmaker here.

What sets American movies apart? While there are other huge markets for films, American movies are distinct in many ways. We've listed them here.

Big ideas should never be shown the door. Sometimes you fancy having your socks blown off. Someone’s gotta write screenwriting with big stuff, right?

We explore all the reasons you should be watching YouTube Red's profound, topical, and stirring young adult drama 'Impulse' (if you’re not already).

'Bullets of Justice,' the independent television series, is back again for a second round of crowdfunding after a successful $27,000 first round.