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What sets American movies apart? While there are other huge markets for films, American movies are distinct in many ways. We've listed them here.

Top Movies That Americans Love to Watch

Watching movies has been a favored pastime for decades. Around the world families and friends use going to the movies as a great social activity. Since covid-19, more and more have continued to rely on the fun of the activity, but from the comfort of their homes. 

There are many great movies out there, but which ones do Americans love? Americans love a range of categories, not always the same top films as other nations like Indians or Arabs. Top film categories include action packed films complete with car chases and fight scenes, dramatic films often about war, comedies that usually have a romantic twist, and more. 

1. Action Movies

Spider-Man is one of the most popular films for Americans.  Behind that are dramatic biography action films like American Sniper about a real life Navy SEAL, We Were Soldiers which focused on a group of American soldiers during the Vietnam war. 

Similarly popular action films include Captain America: the Winter Soldier and a range of other great Marvel films all of which fall under the category of top movies that Americans love to watch. 

2. Dramatic Movies

60% of the top 25 films that Americans love to watch are considered dramatic films to some degree. Things like Field of Dreams, though considered a family-friendly and fantasy film, is still a drama. 

Winter’s Bone, a mystery film about a mountain girl in the Ozarks who is trying to hunt down her drug-dealing father, is also considered a favorite drama among Americans. Apollo 13 about the NASA attempt to return Apollo 13 to Earth is a historical adventure and drama film.

Some of the most popular dramatic films for Americans focus on historical figures such as the film Lincoln which covers the struggle of Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War and his fight for emancipation. 

Similarly, United 93 covers the real-time events of the United Flight 93 hijackers by terrorists on September 11th, 2001. There are many historical dramatic films that have to do with war including Zero Dark Thirty about the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

3. Thrillers

12% of the top 25 movies that Americans love to watch are thrillers. The most popular of the thriller and mystery films category for Americans is The Cabin in the Woods about a group of five friends who visit a remote area for a vacation but discover the cabin has more in store for them.  

Other thrillers represent a mixture of dramatic film and Thriller film like The Hurt Locker which follows a sergeant in the Iraq War who works to defuse bombs and protect his team at all costs. 

4. Comedies

Comedy films for Americans come in many varieties but the most popular includes the 40 year old virgin about a man who, at the age of 40 has never done the deed as it were and finds that his friends continued to pressure him when he finally meets a single mother who could be the perfect girl. 

Caddyshack is another classic comedy from 1980 and right behind that is Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a romantic comedy about a man devastated by his recent breakup who travels to Hawaii for a vacation to get over her only to find that she is there with her new boyfriend.

Other classic comedies include National Lampoon’s Animal House from 1978, Black Dynamite from 2009, the family-friendly Muppets Adventure from 2011, Raising Arizona, and of course National Lampoon’s Vacation from 1983.

Americans prefer watching at Home

While Americans love to watch these top categories, sports movies come in last for Americans. However, this is just the opposite in other countries such as France where things like action flicks with explosions and car chases are swapped for more dramatic films exploring interpersonal relationships. Similarly, in Arab gulf countries Arabs love to watch top sports movies

One of the most popular is the movie “Rush” (2013) considered the Best Sports movies online, viewable at sites like a7labet.

Of course, watching movies online is something shared by everyone. While people in the Arab gulf countries watch sports movies online, people in America also like to watch movies at home, 56% of them according to COVID-19 changes made this a particularly feasible option when instead of releasing top films at the box office, studios decided to launch their newest films over the last two years online. 

Transitioning back from restrictions though, Disney released the latest Marvel film, Black Widow, both in theaters around the nation and online so that people could choose to pay the same as they would at the movies but enjoy the film from the comfort of their home. 

Overall, people love movies no matter where they live. The most popular categories will differ based on location but for Americans, the top movies they love to watch include action films, drama, Thrillers, and comedies. No matter what people are watching, viewing at home is now becoming the most preferred place for watching movies.

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