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After a couple of challenging years, the hit Fox show 'New Girl', starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson, came to an end this week. With this in mind,

If you’re anything like us, you’re currently all about Donald Glover. The award-winning actor, writer, director, musician, and overall renaissance man has just wrapped up S2 of 'Atlanta'.

Remember the much maligned finale episode of 'Dexter', everyone?! Yeah, don’t worry about that. According to Michael C. Hall, there could be a 'Dexter' reboot coming soon, so

Another day, another reboot. In the case of Tina Fey’s '30 Rock', the corpse isn’t even cold yet and already there’s talk of bringing the beloved NBC comedy

As well as exploring challenging issues with a fresh and compassionate eye, 'Felicity' was groundbreaking for its experiments and risk-taking approach to episodic content. Still not quite convinced?

There’s a strong likelihood after you binged S2 of Jessica Jones in one single weekend you found yourself obsessing over irrepressible earworm “I Want Your Cray-Cray”. Check out

The syrupy smooth vocal stylings of Alec Baldwin will soon be gracing our screens again. Following a brief stint hosting his own talk show, the eldest Baldwin brother

Whether in dramatic, musical, or comedic roles, Latifah has been laying down some iconic performances since the 90s. Here are ten of the times Queen Latifah slayed her