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Season 4 of 'Selling Sunset' is finally here! But just what tea has been spilled in the latest season of the hit Netflix reality show?

‘Selling Sunset’: Sip all the scorching hot tea spilled in season 4

Selling Sunset season 4 is finally available to watch on Netflix, taking us back into the glamorous world of Los Angeles and the busy lifestyle of the Oppenheim Group and all their realtors. Selling Sunset, which really took off during the heavy quarantine period of the COVID-19 pandemic, is filled with all the drama we expect from reality television as well as filled with luxurious L.A. homes, some so big even millionaires can’t afford. 

However, this eccentric cast, while lovely, do have some personal issues with one another, and we were very curious going into season 4 just what tea would be spilled, given the awkward office dynamics of the employees at the Oppenheim Group as well as their dating histories . . . some of them even intertwined. 

So, just what tea was spilled during season 4 of Selling Sunset? We’ll get to that shortly. But first, here’s a little recap of the hit Netflix show. 

Selling Sunset

Selling real estate in LA can be glorious, given the area’s sunny location and abundance of high profiled celebs living there. It can also be cutthroat as agents fight over clients and properties. Selling Sunset showcases all the drama at The Oppenheim Group, where elite real estate brokers sell luxurious life to their affluent buyers while striving for their own taste. 

Of course, many will recall how star Chrishell Stause joined the Selling Sunset party later in the show’s run, revealing how she used to be a soap opera star whose, at the time, husband was This Is Us Justin Hartley. This, naturally, peeved many of the show’s female cast as the last thing they wanted was more competition from yet another pretty face. Luckily, some became a fan of Stause, while others? Well . . . it gets dicey. 

Lucky for those of us waiting, the hit Netflix show is finally available to watch on Netflix, giving us a glimpse into the fascinating world of L.A.’s luxury real estate along with the vultures who operate within the industry. So, just what tea has been spilled in Selling Sunset season 4? Major spoilers are ahead, so please only read on if you’re caught up on the show. 

Selling the tea? 

There have been multiple intriguing storylines with the latest season of Netflix’s hit real estate show, with much of it, of course, revolving around controversial star Christine Quinn, whose main storylines in season 4 involve her having a child, getting in ridiculously good shape only two weeks later hmm, and the drama between her and the newest cast member, Emma. 

While we don’t yet know the full story, given the variety of iterations spilled during season 4 of Selling Sunset, we do know that there was some love triangle once upon a time between Christine, Emma, and Heather, even though Christine seems adamant that these events played out closer together than the timeline communicated by Heather and Emma, communicating to the audiences that this really isn’t that big of a deal.

Lucky for Christine, she was given back up the season by her friend Davina, who left the Oppenheim Group after season 3 but returned at the midway point of season 4, stirring up controversy like the evil little sidekick she’s portrayed to be, specifically directed towards Chrishell Stause regarding Davina’s public reactions during Stause’s divorce with Justin Hartley. 

Lastly, and perhaps most shockingly, we learned that an anonymous inspection with child services was set upon fan-favorite Amanza, who’s single-handedly raising two children after their baby daddy legally gave the star full custody. While the baby daddy still remains the suspect, poor Amanza was put through the legal ringer, forced to take a drug test while her two young children were interviewed separately. What a mess. 

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