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Ronaldo has no right to criticize Rooney, that’s what Vn88 newspaper wrote.

Expert opinion of about Wayne Rooney is ready to sacrifice himself when entering the field in the 90th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo is not. It is easy to understand when “The Shrek guy” scored in the eyes of MU fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan creates noise and controversy. In fact, according to the Guardian, this is no different than an excuse for the Portuguese superstar to relieve his frustration and vent his rage at what is not satisfactory.

Ronaldo attacked the MU coaching staff with the brand that has supported him for many years, coach Erik ten Hag and his teammates. Former interim coach Ralf Rangnick, the Glazer family, or former MU players also became the target of CR7.

However, Wayne Rooney is probably the wrong name to appear in the list of “victims” disparaged by the former Juventus striker. As a “Red Devil” son, “The Shrek guy” just said something unacceptable from Ronaldo. Rooney experienced the same situation as Ronaldo, but behaved more standard – according to the share of Vn88cx.

Ronaldo did not hesitate to ask the current head coach of DC United. “I don’t know why he criticized me so badly,” he said. The Portuguese captain believes that Rooney is not at the same level when he has “retired while he is still playing at the age of 37”.

Soon, the debate between Ronaldo and Rooney soon became a topic of discussion on social networking sites, including Vn88. Of course, those who love Ronaldo still stand with him. However, most opinions are in favor of Rooney.

With the debate over who is greater, it is not difficult to say that Ronaldo is one level above Rooney. With Ronaldo, he always stands “with” Lionel Messi, Pele, Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff in the polls.

However, if the question is asked who is the greater legend at MU, those who worship Ronaldo may also have to think again. Rooney does more for the “Red Devils” than what CR7 created at Old Trafford. news has said that it is undeniable that Ronaldo is one of the greatest players to have ever worn for MU. But unlike Rooney, or David Beckham, Ronaldo’s prime years did not belong to MU.

When winning the first Golden Ball in his career and achieving success in the Champions League, the former Sporting Lisbon star only considered MU as a stepping stone to Real Madrid. It was the audience at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium that witnessed the best, most quintessential Ronaldo version, not at Old Trafford. In other words, Ronaldo’s peak is associated with “Los Blancos”.

While Real Madrid under the auspices of Vn88 mobile is also the biggest stage of Ronaldo’s career, MU is where Rooney gradually became one of the greatest players in the team’s history. Similar to Ronaldo in the “White Vulture” shirt, MU is a big step for Rooney after leaving Everton.

It was at the “Theater of Dreams” that Rooney created the best works of his life. No one can forget the hook kick into the net of Manchester City. To this day, this is still considered one of the most beautiful goals in Premier League history.

Don’t forget Rooney holds the record of all-time best goalscorer of MU. Rooney’s image has never faded in the eyes of the online community, especially Vn88cx sports newspaper. Rooney is a dedicated captain who always sacrifices himself for the team.

In contrast, Ronaldo has had a bad attitude since the summer. CR7 refused to attend the summer tour, twice left when the game was not over and now openly criticizes coach Erik ten Hag.

Rooney has all the ups and downs with MU. He reaped many glory under the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson and suffered through turbulent years. Rooney has always been there as a constant, even after retirement. This is a rare thing that former coach Alex Ferguson shared with the press Vn88.

Ronaldo can play better football than Rooney, but he does it in Spain. At Manchester United, Rooney is always mentioned as a great legend of the team. Just a small action, Rooney also shows the difference compared to Ronaldo.

Erik ten Hag wanted to provoke me. Going on the pitch just to play the last three minutes of the game is not allowed for me. I’m not that kind of player. I understand I can contribute more to the team, “said striker 37.

In the final, reported exclusively by, Jose Mourinho substituted Rooney for Juan Mata when the clock struck 90 minutes. Rooney understood that his time at MU had come to an end. In the most important match of the season, he was just a side double.

However, Rooney’s enthusiasm and fighting spirit is always abundant. When entering the field, Ronaldo rolled, even made an impressive tackle in the home field.

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