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'Ninjai: The Little Ninja' back with some sword fighting action like you've never seen before. Prepare to fall in love with 'Ninjai' all over again.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja

The world is full of such examples where retro trends and concepts have gained immense popularity in modern times. Even today, we become highly interested & intrigued by tales our elders tell us regarding their favorite pastimes, movies, sports, etc. Be it apparels, music, genres, games, everything from the past seems to make a remarkable resurgence every now & then.

Ninjai – The Little Ninja is one great example of such resurgence. A couple of decades back, it was considered as one of the best animated web-series. What largely contributed to the success of the web-series was the foundation of its genre. Ninjai represented the warriors and samurais of Japan, one of the bravest and boldest communities on the Earth. Thus, it depicted the undying warrior spirit of never giving up in an animated way.

About Ninjai

Ninjai is portrayed by a young, innocent, and brave child who is nameless. In the search of ‘self’, he wanders from one place to another. During his journey through various difficult mountains and landscapes, he makes several friends and enemies. His child-like innocence is depicted by his voice. The plot of the series revolves around Ninjai fighting and killing several demons to reach his ultimate destination. The series tries to maintain a perfect balance between the childishness of Ninjai and the warrior spirit. He is depicted to be a vibrant and inquisitive child. But once he is confronted by enemies, the warrior spirit comes out and he spares no one.

Ninjai is accompanied by an extremely cute partner-cum-best friend. The Little Bird accompanies Ninjai everywhere and they both share everything with each other. During the most difficult times, they come to the rescue of each other.


Animations, Plot and Popularity of the Series

The plot of the series relates to the life of a warrior who’s engaged in a constant soul-searching process. The Ninjai series is packed with action like any other Ninja movie and is definitely a treat to watch. As a result, Ninjai gained immense popularity in no time. The viewers got addicted to the series. This was due to several reasons. Firstly, the series had some brilliant animations. Back then, when technology was just starting to gain momentum, the creators of Ninjai delivered some extraordinary animations. The moves of Ninjai, the little bird, were all extremely sharp, quick and entertaining.


The characters gave a life-like experience in the form of cartoons which was highly liked by the viewers. A great deal of emphasis was placed on the minutest of details. Everything from sound, visuals, the background views like that of the mountains were all well created. The makers of Ninjai absolutely left no stone unturned to make Ninjai the best warrior series.

What’s even more interesting to note here is that the designers worked without asking for payment. They worked out of sheer love for the series. While this indeed was a great thing to do, it somehow may have affected the delivery time of the series. Due to its popularity, rumors had started arising about the release of a Ninjai movie soon. However, may be for some reasons, the movie is yet to be completed so far.

Ninjai’s Resurgence

In recent times, there have been several speculations about Ninjai resurfacing across various platforms. As per the Unofficial YouTube channel of Ninjai, the series may soon be released on several online streaming platforms in 2022. It is being said that the viewers finally might get to see the Ninjai movie soon in 2022.

All these speculations have raised the excitement levels of some online fans who are eagerly waiting for the series revival.

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