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Read interesting facts about the leader in tennis

Read interesting facts about the leader in tennis – Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is a Spanish tennis player. In the actual ranking is in 4th place. Here you can find Nadal live score. During his career, he won 22 Grand Slam singles titles, including a record 14 French Open titles.

The athlete’s birthday is June 3rd, 1986. His father is in business. The mother raised the children, but since 2007 she has been in charge of the foundation that Rafael created. Read source for more info. Raphael also has a sister.

At the age of 12, Rafael had good prospects to seriously take up football. He even managed to win significant titles in his age category, but he was not going to leave tennis either. But at some point he had to be torn in his favorite sports. Since, due to the loads, difficulties began with study. In the end, he chose tennis, which he never regretted later.

As a teenager, Nadal already got into a serious sport, where he immediately showed good results. At 16, he took a place in the semi-finals of Wimbledon, and after 2 years he takes a prize in the Davis Cup. Then the guy competed in a variety of games. There were many victories, which greatly increased his rating.

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History of victories

The main events of their life as a young man:

  • Winner of nineteen Grand Slams.
  • Becomes an Olympic medalist in 2008.
  • He received the medal in 2016, in the category of couples.
  • He received an important in his sports career “Golden Helmet”.
  • Also among the prizes, the athlete received the “Red Helmet”, which no one was the owner of.
  • 12 victories in the French tournament.
  • Twice Wimbledon champion.
  • 4 times was the favorite of the American competitions.
  • He is the leader of the Austrian competition.
  • Was the winner in 35 Masters games.
  • 4 times received the Davis Cup.
  • Recorded as ATP champion.

Raf is a Grand Slam champion.

Interesting Facts

From an interview with Raf, his uncles had a huge influence on his development as a serious athlete. Under Tony’s influence, the current winner developed a love for sports games, and Miguel gave him the opportunity to compare different sports.

  • Rafael, together with D. Karlin, created his own biography called “Rafael. My history”.
  • The athlete distinguished himself with his outstanding serve with his left hand, although in everyday life he usually uses his right hand.
  • A special feature is the desire for perfection. Before each meeting, he has a cycle of rituals: a mandatory cold shower, containers with energy-restorative liquid and water are placed directly with emblems directed towards the playing field, proportionally pulls on socks.
  • The athlete advances in sports. He created the Tennis Academy for Youth.
  • In a duel with an athlete from Argentina, Federico Delbonis, Raf experienced, in his words, a terrible factor. When serving, he hit the head of a girl who brought equipment. He apologized to the girl.
  • Rafael’s relationships are characterized by decency and fidelity. In 2005, his sister brought him together with a girl, Maria, with whom he has been together to this day.
  • Raf has been going bald since 2016. He never parted with his cap, and bald patches often get into the frame during the competition. He had to resort to a hair transplant. But even this way of solving the problem did not bring the desired result. No, of course, the situation improved for a while, but over time everything returned to normal. He is now opting for a full hair transplant.

The athlete sometimes accepted offers to appear in commercials, which paid very well. Rafael constantly keeps his athletic figure in shape. Having a height of 185 cm, its weight is 85 kg, which was noticed by manufacturers of clothing and underwear for men. They then attracted Raphael to participate in advertising.

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