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Parimatch is a prestigious sportsbook in the Quebec gambling industry. Is tennis betting worthy of your time?

Tennis Betting at Parimatch

Parimatch is a prestigious sportsbook in the Quebec gambling industry. The sportsbook has taken the industry by storm, offering the best odds in football, basketball, tennis, etc. 

You can bet on tennis leagues from all around the world at Parimatch. You can explore the IFT, WTA, ATA, Grandslam and other well-known leagues. This article covers all you need to know about tennis betting at Parimatch.

Pros and cons of Tennis betting at Parimatch

Here are some of the advantages of betting on tennis games at Parimatch: 


  • Competitive odds 
  • Detailed tennis markets 
  • Mobile-friendly app for iOS users and an Adaptive web browser version for Android users 
  • Live betting features 
  • Livestreaming and tracking tools. 


  • High betting requirements for betting bonuses.
  • Odds can change erratically on live tennis games. 

Parimatch Tennis Bet Options 

The diverse needs of the Quebec gambling population are well-tackled by Parimatch. There are many options players can explore when staking on this game. This is a breakdown of some of the top tennis staking options at Parimatch. 


This is a common wager across different sports. It is the most popular type of wager on most online sites. A tennis moneyline wager requires you to wager on which player wins a match. 

Set Betting

Set betting is like a moneyline, but here the wager is slightly more sophisticated. Players wager on the sets. Here, the exact score of the match is what players are concerned about.

Handicap Bets

From the word handicap, you can guess what this wager is all about. Here, a team is given an edge over another team. An example would help you understand this wager better. If you stake on Andrey Rublev to win against Carlos Alcaraz in a 1.5 handicap wager, you win when Andrey wins at least 2 sets. 


Under/Over requires you to wager on the combined score of the match. It doesn’t matter who wins the match. You can wager for the game to finish over 25.5 for a win; to win the wager, 25 games must be won. 


How to Start Betting on Tennis at Parimatch 

If you can wager on football or any other sport, then this will be straightforward for you. These steps will make the process easier. 

  • Register with Parimatch
  • Choose tennis.
  • Select a bet type.
  • Place a wager.
  • Monitor your wager.
  • Transfer your winning. 

Responsible Gambling Tips 

We advise players to stay responsible when playing online. Parimatch offers responsible gambling tools, and players should take advantage of these tools to stay on top of their game. We advise players to: 

  • Allocate specific amounts for gambling.
  • Use Self-exclusion tools.
  • Conduct research before playing.
  • Start with Your Bonuses

Why choose Parimatch for Tennis betting?

The Canadian gambling market is competitive; every provider tries to stand out by offering unique features. Parimatch is a top option for tennis betting because: 

  • The platform offers various staking types. 
  • Players are offered competitive odds. 
  • The user interface is easy to navigate so that wagers can be placed easily. 
  • The sportsbook has a solid reputation in the Quebec gambling market. 
  • You can fund your account instantly and transfer your wins with ease. 

Parimatch is the ideal platform for gamblers who want an intuitive and engaging experience. Start your gaming experience with a solid bonus that allows you to maximize your bankroll. Head to Parimatch and have the best tennis staking experience of your life!!!

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