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Born on August 12, 1971, in Washington D.C., Pete hit the pro tennis scene at just 16. Learn more about Sampras and his career now.

The extraordinary career of Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras is someone that needs no introduction for tennis fans. Visit now the website – place an online bet today on the best tennis players from all across the world. He was the tennis king of the 1990s. Let’s review his extraordinary career.

Born on August 12, 1971, in Washington D.C., Pete hit the pro tennis scene at just 16. Three years later, when he was just 19, he snagged his first Grand Slam at the US Open in 1990, and from there, it was like he had a date with destiny. Bettors have the chance to place an online bet at 1xBet on all Grand Slams too.

The king of Wimbledon

It can be said that Sampras was the king of Wimbledon. This is because he won the tournament not once, not twice, but a staggering 7 times. His serves were absolutely deadly, and sometimes opponents were totally hopeless when dealing with it. Players with the best serves are also featured at the platform, where you can make your best wagers today.

By 2000, he was sipping his tea with 7 Wimbledon titles under his belt, casually making history as a grass-court legend.

But for Pete, hard courts were also a place where he had a lot of fun. He had 5 US Open titles as well, and whenever he met with Andre Agassi, you could rest assured that you would enjoy a top-class match. At 1xBet you also have great chances to wager on the best matches from all Grand Slams too.

A total number 1

In total, Sampras won 14 Grand Slam titles, but this number of trophies is not the only impressive aspect of his career. He also spent 286 weeks as the number 1 player of the ATP ranking, which is simply extraordinary. Currently you can make live bets on sport from, where the current top players from the ATP can be wagered too.

Other things that made Sampras a fantastic player were:

  • he was known for focusing on the game to his fullest extent;
  • he didn’t do flashy theatrics;
  • and overall, he let his game and his talent speak for himself.

Then came 2002, and Pete hung up his racket. The tennis world was sad, but the records, the titles, the legacy would be forever cemented in the history books of the sport. It was the end of an era. His impact on the game was like a tennis masterclass for the newbies, showing them how it’s done. The live bets on sports from the 1xBet platform always feature matches from the most extraordinary players too.

In a sport filled with rivalries and big names, Pete Sampras had his own groove. The stats tell a story of domination, but beyond that, there’s a tale of passion, hard work, and a genuine love for the game that turned a kid with a racket into a tennis legend.

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