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Titans' offensive tackle wants out of Tennessee. Why Isaiah Wilson is done with the Music City, and why fans don't seem to care. See the best reactions!

Isaiah Wilson allegedly quits the Titans: The best tweets roasting him

While many football fans are already missing the excitement of the regular NFL season, you cannot deny all of the joy that comes with the drama of the offseason. Whether it be big free agent moves, the NFL draft, or off-field antics from our favorite football “divas”, the NFL offseason is simply as entertaining as any soap opera you’re likely to be drawn into by your mother-in-law. 

The Tennessee Titans seem to be having some offseason drama of their own, as offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson tweeted out on Monday night that he was officially “done with football as a Titan”. While Isaiah Wilson did go on to delete the tweet moments later, the internet was already too far ahead of him in screenshotting and sharing his dismay with the franchise. 

Now, it seems that Twitter has had some fun of their own with Isaiah Wilson, poking fun at the tackle’s reactionary tweet as well as his overall play last season. Does the twenty-two year old out of the University of Georgia not have a PR person? Let’s delve into some of the best reactions on Twitter. 

Chappelle’s Show

Dave Chappelle perfectly captures the spirit of a thriving child who just got his first big payday. It’s clear that Isaiah Wilson has a lot of maturing to do as it pertains to the way he goes about his professional business

As well, please bring back Chappelle’s show, Dave!  

The Black Sheep of the Titans

Many fans choose not to remember the “other” Chris Farley & David Spade vehicle, Black Sheep. We happen to think it’s a hidden gem, unlike Isaiah Wilson, who has had fewer snaps than Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War

Tom Brady knows what’s up

Isaiah Wilson hasn’t really played a whole lot in his early NFL career. Can he really be that upset about being trolled on Twitter for his behavior? Even the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady gets trolled, Isaiah, and he just won his seventh fricken Super Bowl! 

Throw it away

What leverage does Isaiah Wilson think he has? This narrative feels like a reverse Disney sports movie, where the main character calls it quits halfway through his career and is coached to continue down this path. 

“Going back on that field will ruin you, and everyone close to you. Is that what you want for yourself, young man? Is that what you want for the people you love?”  

Idiot sandwich

Let’s low-key take a break from making Isaiah Wilson jokes and just picture the magic of Gordon Ramsey coaching a football team. How would his locker room speech go? Does he cook his team gourmet protein snacks prior to kickoff? That’s a “mic’d up” we would pay an absurd amount to see. 

Titan’s best buy-in

We think Isaiah Wilson can easily be replaced. Just check out this chick. Heck, she’s already probably got a blue uniform ready to go if she works at Best Buy! 


Honestly, we’re not even really sure what this tweet means . . . we just want it to disturb you as much as it does us. 

Toby’s gone

Many Titans fans are overjoyed to possibly be rid of Isaiah Wilson, who was about as productive as Kevin was for Dunder Mifflin’s accounting team. 

What are your thoughts on Isaiah Wilson and his tweet proving that he wants out of Tennessee? Who do you think should pounce on getting the offensive tackle? Who is your favorite NFL team? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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