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Why is Gordon Ramsay getting shamed for loving steak on TikTok?

Vegans versus omnivores – it’s an argument that sparks passion in everyone. Those who choose to have meat in their diet often feel that vegans sit on a high horse preaching about their food choices to anyone & everyone who will listen. And the vegans who choose to avoid animal products by choice (not due to dietary restrictions or religious purposes) often refer to people who eat meat as barbaric or heartless.

The argument took a viral turn recently when a vegan TikToker attempted to call out famous chef Gordon Ramsay for cooking & eating meat. Ramsay is famous for his cooking shows and numerous restaurants that often serve entrées with meat including steak or burgers. One of Ramsay’s signature dishes is beef wellington – a beef tenderloin wrapped in pastry.

Ramsay, who is also on TikTok, was targeted by user thatveganteacher with a song she wrote herself and played on the ukulele. Here’s everything you might want to know about the situation.


@gordonramsayofficial #eatinganimalsiswrong #gordonramsay #hurtinganimalsiswrong #sing #song #mcdonalds #kfc #vegan #bekind #veganphobiaiswrong

♬ EatingAnimalsIsWrongGordonRamsay – That Vegan Teacher 🦋

The original video

Thatveganteacher played a song with the lyrics “Eating animals is wrong / Gordon Ramsay / Hurting animals is wrong / Gordon Ramsay / Share this song / And if you call me a donut that’s fine / As long as you’re / vegan from now on”. As any person who keeps up with internet memes knows, Ramsay has a partiality to using the word “donut” as an insult.

Now, whether thatveganteacher actually believed a simple ukelele song would magically turn a renowned chef into a vegan we can’t say for certain, but as you might imagine that’s definitely not what happened.

In fact, if you’re an avid follower of Gordon Ramsay you may already know that he doesn’t have a fondness for preachy vegans and has made it clear his affinity for eating steak is unwavering.


#duet with @thatveganteacher Beef #burgers were consumed while making this tiktok #ramsayreacts #fyp

♬ EatingAnimalsIsWrongGordonRamsay – That Vegan Teacher 🦋

Gordon Ramsay’s response

Ramsay watches along with the video nodding as if suddenly his entire worldview (and subsequently career) has been changed. To add to the dramatic effect he munches on a lone piece of lettuce.

However, when thatveganteacher gets to the line about being called a donut he coughs a little while throwing the lettuce leaf on the floor. Ramsay then commences with grabbing a burger from out of frame and biting into it as the juice drips out the back.

Unsurprisingly, Ramsay has no intention of quitting his meat-eating habits any time soon. He captioned his TikTok saying “Beef #burgers were consumed while making this tiktok”.

Positive reactions

The meat eaters of TikTok applauded Gordon Ramsay’s response to a random vegan attempting to pressure him into changing his diet from steak to salad. One user said “why would she try to make such a powerful enemy” and famous beauty guru James Charles simply said “legend”. Another gem of a comment said, “not all heroes wear capes. Some wear aprons”.

Many people also stated that their respect for Gordon Ramsay increased after seeing him respond to the internet peer pressure by eating one of his favorite meat-based dishes. Some vegetarians and vegans even said they respected his clapback, saying that in this situation he was totally in the right.

Less than positive reactions

While there were a slew of positive responses, there were also a number of vegans who were less than pleased. The vegans who subscribe to thatveganteacher’s way of thinking were put off by Ramsay’s lighthearted diss saying that he was making light of the death of innocent creatures.

One user in call caps said, “WHY IS IT WRONG FOR SOMEONE TO TRY TO EDUCATE YOU??????” Which . . . that song didn’t teach anything – it merely stated the singer’s beliefs while calling out one individual in particular.

Other users pointed out one of the new popular reasons for turning to veganism – environmentalism. Farming meat is said to have a large negative impact on the environment, which has led a number of people to veganism or at the very least to adopt meatless Mondays, where they don’t eat meat for a single day of the week (usually Monday).


In the end, neither video is likely to have an impact on anyone’s opinion of the subject about whether or not it’s better to be an omnivore or an herbivore. The videos are simply funny and not much else.

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  • Just wanna comment y’all are barbaric and heartless and I went vegan for health reasons. And later after not having it in my system you think way more clearly how really wrong it is I am ashamed to claim the amount of lives I had it makes me cry to this day. Especially with science proving matter just relocates. Technically you’re gonna always eat “you” but is the you inside you screaming help me help me or is it thinking light and photosynthesis. There’s major differences here you can’t murder something when it gives you absolutely no health advantage and almost always is actually unhealthy for you and say you aren’t heartless. You are unnecessarily killing an animal for the taste for your own pleasure not to survive.

    March 26, 2021

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