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Gordon Ramsay is known as the king of mean when it comes to cooking. If you don’t laugh at these memes, it must mean you’re an idiot sandwich.

Don’t be an idiot sandwich: Devour these Gordon Ramsay memes

Gordon Ramsay is known as the king of mean when it comes to cooking. Among the master chef’s trademarks are his clever backhanded compliments and downright harsh criticisms. The internet would be a bland place without the many iterations of Gordon Ramsay memes.

A lot of Ramsay’s most hilarious moments involve cussing people out, but there’s one meme that takes the cake. Take a look at these examples of why this chef is the king of internet comedy. If you don’t laugh, it must mean you’re an idiot sandwich.

Finding a clue 

For Ramsay, the fish was so underdone it was as raw as the wound Marlin felt when Nemo went missing. 

Hakuna Mata-don’t

This chef’s plate was as laughable as the Hyena trying to run the pride. 

That’s cold 

Thawing the meat is the first key step to preparing a proper dish. Otherwise, you’re just in a frozen wasteland.

Culinary school dropout

John Travolta may have been smooth, but this meal was downright slimy.

We guess they weren’t ready

Spongebob may have been a cooking machine, but not everyone can be a great fry cook.

Where’s Mario when you need saving

After getting a critique that harsh, the only thing that could save a chef from fiery doom are Mario & Luigi. 

This a joke, right?

We hope you find these world-class memes as sweet as pie and use them whenever the comedy temperature is just right.

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