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Andy Reid, the KC Chiefs' coach, had a heck of a time trying to see the field through his fogged up face mask last weekend. Here are the best memes.

Gettin’ foggy with it: The best memes about KC Chiefs’ coach’s face shield

It seems like we’re heading into a new normal with the way things are opening back up. Sports, fortunately, are back on. While we have to watch them from the comfort of our home, people on the team have to wear masks and face shields. 

Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid was no exception. Throughout the game, he donned his face shield, which he hoped wouldn’t fog up his glasses so he could see his team play, and beat Texas that night. Unfortunately for him, his face shield had other plans. 

The KC Chiefs coach’s face shield fogged up throughout the game. Fans also noted the KC Chiefs coach’s look, and took to Twitter to meme it. Here are some of the funniest from Week 1’s KC Chiefs vs. Texans game.

A stunning feat

Despite KC Coach Andy Reid not being able to see a thing, his team still did great in their match. 


While the final touchdown will go down in the history books, Andy Reid could only see it like this. 

Need de-frosters? 

Andy Reid probably could’ve used one . . .

People with glasses know Andy Reid’s pain

Thanks to COVID mask mandates, everyone with glasses knows how Andy Reid felt that night. Here’s a reply to Barstool’s tweet in solidarity with everyone who can’t see. 

The players talking with their coach

Props to the football players who needed to get Coach Reid’s attention. 

Andy Reid face mask feed? 

Sounds good to us! It might get old after a while, though. 

One foggy night

Every night is a foggy night when you’re wearing a face shield. 

Could Andy Reid walk anywhere? 

This clip nails it. Poor KC coach probably had to be walked back to the locker room. 

Andy Reid next week

We think Andy Reid learned his lesson. Invest in some wipers and there’s no such thing as a face shield that isn’t fog-proof!

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