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The Browns vs. Ravens game on Monday Night Football was insanity. Check out the best OMG memes about the explosive game between division rivals.

The Browns vs. Ravens game went sour: Here are the best OMG memes

Christmas came early for NFL fans who witnessed the heated Monday Night divisional match between the Cleveland Browns vs. the Baltimore Ravens. A game like this hasn’t been seen since the equally as epic Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams game in 2018. 

There were so many highlights & fascinating stories to follow throughout the game it’s hard to keep up. Many viewers following the insanity of the game expressed their feelings online with some hilarious memes. Here are the best memes reacting to the Browns vs. Ravens. 

Addicting game

If you watch this game and don’t want every game to be like this, then you’re not a true NFL fan. We will gladly take another Browns vs. Ravens game if it’s a repeat of Monday night. 

Everyone is talking about it 

This game had so many things happen and describing it to someone who didn’t watch it must be an ordeal as you try to capture every detail. It may not be the best idea though to talk about it in the club where people are trying to dance. 

Jaw-dropping action

The reaction by this dog perfectly describes everyone’s reaction to this game, especially in the last two minutes. Even the dog knows it was crazy. 

Better than the Super Bowl

Everyone wants the Super Bowl to be as crazy as the Browns vs. Ravens game. While the Browns & Ravens can’t play each other in the Super Bowl as they are in the same conference, maybe the NFL can make an exception just this once. 

Lamar Jackson went full Superman

Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson briefly left the game to take care of some “cramps.” While many are saying Jackson went to take a number two, he still came back just in time on 4th & 5 to save the game with a 44 yard touchdown pass. 

Odell chasing down Lamar

NFL fans remember when earlier this season, information leaked about Odell Beckham, Jr’s “preferences”. Odell is currently out for the season with a torn ACL so maybe that’s why he couldn’t run after Lamar in the locker room. 

Paul Pierce moment

Many sports fans were reminded of the Paul Pierce wheelchair injury where it was later revealed by Pierce that he was going to use the bathroom during the NBA finals. However, similar to Lamar on Monday night, Pierce helped lead the Celtics to a win during that game. 

Fantasy fortune

While the game ended with meaningless safety, it wasn’t meaningless for fantasy players as many either won or lost because of the two points. Many leagues are also in the playoffs right now making the two points very costly. 

Betting nightmare 

The Browns were +3 betting odds and many sports gamblers were about to be thrilled when Justin Tucker hit the game-winning field goal. However, the Browns said “hold my beer” and committed a disastrous Safety to end the game, costing sports bettors lots of money

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