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6 Ideas for Watching Movies While You Exercise

6 Ideas for Watching Movies While You Exercise

One of the biggest barriers to exercising regularly for many people is that they find it boring, which makes sense because staring at a wall while lifting weights or running on a treadmill doesn’t sound fun. One easy remedy is to watch a movie while exercising. Let’s take a look at six ideas to make watching a movie during exercise much easier.

1- Put a Television Set Nearby

For home gyms, it’s usually pretty easy to put a television set near your exercise equipment. A smart TV, like one with a built-in Roku or Amazon Fire TV, can make the process much simpler. If you prefer physical media, you can easily connect a DVD or Blu-Ray player as well.

2- Use Your Mobile Devices

When you’re exercising at a local gym, watching a movie on your phone or tablet is a great way to pass the time. If there’s good cell phone service or WiFi, you can use a streaming service. If there isn’t, many services have offline viewing options where you can download a movie or TV show at home and then watch it later even if you have limited or no signal.

3- Work Out in Your Living Room

A simple way to get some exercise in while watching a movie is to exercise in your living room. You don’t need any equipment and you can do pushups, sit-ups, or other forms of exercise while watching a movie or a TV show from the comforts of home. If you’re watching on cable, you can do sets during the commercials.

4- Maintain Workout Safety

No matter how you’re watching a movie while you exercise, it’s always important to keep safety in mind. For example, when you’re on a treadmill, you should have the safety belt loop attached to stop the machine if you get distracted by the film as it will help you avoid flying off and potentially getting injured.

5- Make a Game Out of It

Much like a classic motivational game’s set of rules, you can make an “exercise game” to help you combine working out and watching movies. If you’re watching an action movie, for example, you can do 10 push-ups every time a fight is on screen. For romantic comedies, any time the two leads start flirting, you could do 10 bicep curls. Watching a movie this way can be fun and provide a great workout! If you’re watching a movie on a television channel, you can do jumping jacks, during each commercial break.

6- Use VR Headsets

If you have access to a VR headset, you can enjoy a movie without even seeing yourself exercise. Of course, it’s best to do this at home where you’re familiar with your surroundings and won’t accidentally hurt yourself. It’s especially good for low-impact exercises that can be done over a longer period.

These are just a few of the many great ways to watch a movie while getting into shape. By using these tips, exercise will not only become less boring but you’ll never want to miss a workout again!

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