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You've definitely wondered who you're most like from 'Tiger King'. Are you more Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe, or Joe Exotic? Take our quiz and find out!

Are you Joe Exotic or Jeff Lowe? Take our ‘Tiger King’ quiz to find out

Don’t lie: you definitely watched Tiger King and somehow related to these insane characters. The “haters gonna hate” mentality of Joe Exotic, the laid-back attitude of Jeff Lowe, the power-hungry passion of Carole, or the “WTF am I doing here” look of Saff. You know you related to someone on the cast.

So today, we’re here to settle the deal for real. Exactly who are you when it comes to comparing yourself to the Tiger King gang? Are you more Joe Exotic, or are you more Jeff Lowe? More Carole Baskin, or more Doc Antle? Take our quiz, find out your true Tiger King persona, and tweet your results to us @FilmDailyNews.

How much Joe Exotic is in you? Take our ‘Tiger King’ quiz to find out!

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