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You know the 'Star Wars' movies, but how familiar are you with the chronological order of events in that galaxy far, far away? Take our quiz and find out!

‘Star Wars’ quiz: Do you remember the chronological order of events?

Get ready to test your knowledge about the chronological order of events in Star Wars, young padawan! The Star Wars franchise has a ton to explore, both in terms of the massive galaxy and the timeline of events that span three trilogies, four shows, and three spinoff films – not to mention an infamous holiday special and the LEGO films. 

When we say “chronological”, what do we mean? We’re going by the Star Wars timeline, not the order the movies came out. So when we ask a question like “Who appears first, Anakin or Luke?”, it’s Anakin. Got it? Good! 

That way, we can include goodies concerning the shows and as an extra treat for the older fans, Star Wars Legends content too. Without further ado, go forth and prove you’re the Jedi master of the Galaxy! (And don’t forget to tweet us @FilmDailyNews with your score.)

Become a true master of the Force and prove your knowledge of the ‘Star Wars’ timeline

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