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Is it a full moon? Is Isaiah Mustafa growling? No, it's just our 'Shadowhunters' werewolf quiz! Get ready to dig your claws into this one.

Isaiah Mustafa: Get extra hairy with our ‘Shadowhunters’ werewolf quiz

If you’re unclear as to what Shadowhunters is, go right now and binge the three incredible seasons of greatness before coming back and taking this quiz. We dedicate this quiz to the werewolves from the Shadow World.

The Shadowfam is still continuing to show support for Shadowhunters and constantly engaging with its stars. Now that it’s Gothtober, celebrating downworlders is very fitting. More specifically, werewolves! Werewolves are known for howling at the moon and changing from an everyday dude or bae to hairy beast in a flash. Shadowhunters shows different sides to these legendary creatures. 

Enough preample: let’s begin our quiz all about the werewolves from Shadowhunters. Tweet us @FilmDaily with your score and enjoy.

Is it a full moon? No, it’s just our ‘Shadowhunters’ quiz!

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