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Which character would YOU be if you were whisked away to Equestria? Find out if you're a Rarity or an Applejack in our 'My Little Pony' personality quiz!

‘My Little Pony’: Discover which magical character you are in this quiz

While we all wish friendship were really magic like in My Little Pony, the close bonds we forge between people we meet in our lives can be wonderful. Whether you have one best friend or are part of a big friend group, have you ever wondered which MLP friend you are in your inner circle? If you were transported to Equestria, which My Little Pony character would you be? 

Maybe you’re more like Twilight Sparkle: the smart, rational one – or perhaps emotionally in tune like Pinkie Pie. Do you have a competitive streak like Rainbow Dash or dole out tons of advice like Rarity? Trot into our special world where friendship is magic and discover which My Little Pony character you really are inside.

Fly to Equestria and discover who you really are to your friends!

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