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Are you an expert on everything in 'The Mandalorian'? Did you really memorize all the episodes? Prove it by taking this quiz for 'Star Wars' experts only!

Know ‘The Mandalorian’ episodes by heart? Try our quiz to prove it!

It’s been a while since Disney gave us our favorite Star Wars Christmas presents: The Mandalorian seasons 1 & 2. Did you just watch the episodes one time when they came out, or did you watch them again & again? If it’s the latter, you should take our quiz and prove your knowledge.

The Mandalorian follows Mandalorian foundling Din Djarin as he travels across the Galaxy collecting bounties. Along the way, he breaks his sacred oath to protect one of his bounties: a mysterious green child named Grogu – or as the internet calls him, Baby Yoda. As the series progresses, Din Djarin runs into Star Wars mainstays like Bo Katan, Ahsoka Tano, and of course, the original Mandalorian himself, Boba Fett. 

What are you waiting for? How well do you know every episode of The Mandalorian? Prove you can outwit the smartest Mandalorian fans by taking our quiz!

Take our quiz and prove you’re worthy of some beskar armor from ‘The Mandalorian’!

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