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Are you able to take on one of the most terrifying movie villains, Michael Myers from 'Halloween'? Instead of hiding in backyards, take our quiz now.

Everyone’s entitled to one good scare in our classic ‘Halloween’ quiz

Michael Myers is one of the most recognized movie villains, especially when wearing his iconic mask. He can terrify simply by standing in your backyard motionless.

Halloween has become an instant favorite every year. With Jamie Lee Curtis’s character as the target, it’s no wonder why people love this franchise. The Halloween holiday has been a season of terror, mischief, and mayhem through the eons. Halloween reflects everything that this holiday season represents, and so much more. We’re in the midst of a slasher craze and a lot of fans have this franchise to thank for the role it played in introducing the genre. 

Halloween still manages to get us all doublechecking that our doors are locked and our curtains are firmly closed. We dedicate a quiz this Gothtober to one of the classics.

Can you defeat the Boogeyman in our classic ‘Halloween’ quiz? Let’s find out.

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