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Have you lost your glass slipper? Ever sailed across the seven seas like Moana? Take our Disney quiz to find out which Disney Princess you are!

Which Disney princess are you? Take our quiz to find your royal persona

In Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet, Vanellope enters the Disney Princess’s part of the internet, and she’s overwhelmed by how many of them there are. While she wasn’t poisoned, enslaved, or anything like that (just dethroned after King Candy takes over her game in the first movie), Vanellope’s eager to find out how she fits into the Disney Princess club. 

There are twelve official Disney princesses, Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon being the latest in the lineup: a lot of personalities to sift through. Naturally, we lumped them together to see if you’re more of a dreamer, explorer, leader, or warrior! 

Find out whether your personality matches your favorite Disney princess’s! Let us know your result and if you agree with it @FilmDaily on Twitter.

Are you going to the ball or going to save the kingdom? Find out with our magical quiz.

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