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How well do you know 'Lucifer''s Chloe Decker? Get to work and take our quiz dedicated to the detective on Netflix to find out.

Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’: Get back to work on our Detective Chloe Decker quiz

Lucifer is one of those lucky shows that has great stories, a charming lead, a romance worth turning into, and a strong cast. While we will remain eternally grateful for the swoonworthiness of the handsome Tom Ellis, we need to give major kudos to the co-lead for the series, Lauren German.

German plays the long-suffering Detective Chloe Decker. Partner and best friend to Lucifer Morningstar (Ellis), Chloe is a single mother, a divorced woman, a former actress, a hard-working detective, and the love of Lucifer’s very long existence. Without Chloe Decker, we wouldn’t have Deckerstar, or the living catalyst on Lucifer’s journey of self-discovery and self-love (not that kind of self-love, ya perv).

The real question is: how well do you know Detective Chloe Decker? It may not be as well as Lucifer Morningstar himself, but put your Decker knowledge to the test. Be sure to tweet @FilmDaily with your score for our Chloe Decker quiz. 

Attend ‘Hot Tub High School’ with our ‘Lucifer’ quiz dedicated to Detective Chloe Decker

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