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Now that you’ve ended all fifty hours of 'The Untamed' you’re left wondering: now what? Here are some Xianxia dramas to check out.

Finished ‘The Untamed’? Watch all these Xianxia show next

Now that you’ve ended all fifty hours of The Untamed you’re left wondering: now what? We know the feeling, ending a drama is like losing a friend. The good news is once you’ve made it past the post-drama mourning period there are plenty more Xianxia dramas waiting to be enjoyed. 

The Xianxia drama genre refers to dramas that depict stories influenced by Chinese mythology, folklore, and Daoism with supernatural or immortal characters. The fantastic elements also found in The Untamed are characteristic of this genre and there are plenty more dramas brimming with ghosts, demons, and gods. For anyone looking for an escape into Chinese fantasy, here are some Xianxia dramas to check out. 

Eternal Love

This drama tells the tale of the beautiful goddess Bai Qian (Yang Mi) who is robbed of her memories when she locks away an evil ghost lord, hellbent on causing destruction. Bai Qian is forced to descend to the mortal realm to regain her lost powers when she meets & falls in love with Ye Hua (Mark Chao), Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens. 

The two part when they regain their immortality. In the immortal realm, Bai Qian rejects her former lover and Ye Huan must find a way to win her back. To watch Eternal Love, check out the drama on Viki & Netflix. 

Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain

In this drama, Wang Lu (Xu Kai), a young genius, joins the Spirit Blade Sect in his quest for immortal cultivation. His master is the lovely Wang Wu (Sandrine Pinna), a centuries old warrior with a hot temper & a biting wit. Wany Wu & Wang Lu share a combative relationship that grows into mutual respect and even love. To watch Once Upon a Time in Lingjiann Mountain look for it on Netflix. 

The Legend of White Snake

The Legend of White Snake is based on a folk story of the same name and follows the tale of the ancient snake spirit Bai Suzhen (Ju Jingyi) who transforms into a woman and challenges a mortal human physician, Xu Xian (Yu Menglong) to a contest of skill. Their rivalry soon transforms into romance but their love is threatened by an orthodox monk who views a human & spirit relationship as an abomination. 

To watch the epic story of The Legend of White Snake, you can find the drama on Viki & Netflix. 

Ice Fantasy

Ice Fantasy is a drama based on the novel, City of Fantasy. The story is about the aftermath of a war between the Ice & Fire Tribes. Two Ice Princes, Ka Suo (Fend Shaofeng) & Ying Kong Shi (Ma Tainyu) are victorious in the war but are forced to battle each other for the throne, though all Ka Suo wishes is to do is be with his mortal lover, Li Luo (Victoria Song). 

As more enemies invade the Ice Tribe’s kingdom, the war with the Fire tribe is reignited when a hidden foe allies with the Fire King to exact revenge on Ka Suo. To see this epic fantasy story, watch Ice Fantasy on Netflix & Amazon. 

The Flame’s Daughter

This drama tells the story of a woman who after marrying a soldier for love, incurs the wrath of a tyrannical leader who desires her. The woman gives birth to a girl, Lie Ruge (Dilraba Dilmurat), who the woman places with a prominent family to save her from the leader’s plot of vengeance. Lie Ruge grows up and soon has three suitors vying for her hand but she finds herself a bit distracted fighting off attacks from the evil leader. 

The Flame’s Daughter can be found on Viki. 

Love and Destiny 

In this story, the god of war, Jiu Chen (Chang Chen) lies asleep for 10,000 years after he fights a mighty battle against a demon lord trying to destroy the earth. Jiu Chen finds himself awakened by a fairy maiden named Ling Xi (Ni Ni) and the two fall deeply in love. Yet their happiness is threatened when Jiu Chen discovers Ling Xi was born with an evil in her, capable of freeing the vicious demon lord once more. 

Jiu Chen knows Ling Xi is a threat to the safety of the entire world but he can’t bring himself to destroy the woman he loves. To watch Love & Destiny look for the drama on Viki.

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