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As part of our #FreeShadowhunters mission, we’re chiming in on how a TV Scoop Award can also raise awareness of 'Shadowhunters'.

Here’s how to vote for ‘Shadowhunters’ in the TV Scoop Awards

NB: Shadowfam, you’ll want to bookmark this page.

The TV Scoop Awards dropped last week. As of now, we’ve got a mere two days left of the ENews poll with voting open until August 2nd. That means we’ve got five working days to let people know that Shadowhunters has and always will have one of the most persuasive fandoms in TV land. Read on for our tips on how to organize your voting.

We’ve already spoken at length about how a TCA win can help us #SaveShadowhunters. Now, as part of our #FreeShadowhunters mission, we’re chiming in on how a TV Scoop Award can also raise awareness of our show.

If you didn’t catch our earlier piece on the #FreeShadowhunters campaign, here’s a little background. We believe bolstering the reputation of our show by helping it gain further awards will help show our captors (Constantin Film) what a valuable property they’re holding hostage.


Before our fingers get clicking, it’s probably wise to chat nuts & bolts. Here are the rules – we can’t be getting banned before we get started.

When does voting close?
Voting will close Friday, August 2nd at 5 pm PT. 

How do I vote?
You can nominate any show, episode, performance, or scene, and any fandom or cast that was active between June 8th, 2018 and July 17th, 2019. All shows must be legally available to watch in the United States except for the international category. Best Couple will only go to an actual established couple (who, at the very least, have kissed), but any fandom of any ship or show is eligible for the fandom category.

Read why y’all love Malec – and why any buyer of 'Shadowhunters' will be graced with the most committed fans in the history of fandom.

Who can vote?
Unlike the TCAs, there don’t seem to be geographic restrictions on who can vote in the TV Scoop Awards. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

How you can make your vote count

  • If you don’t already have one, gain access to a VPN (we suggest NordVPN). This means that you can handle multiple votes from various IP addresses (e.g.: vote numerous times from your home network).
  • Decide what time you’re going to vote personally every day for the rest of the week. It helps to stick to plans if we have a definite time set aside to handle the voting.
  • Make a list of 10 friends/family members you think you can enlist to join us for just one day of voting.
  • Draft an email/text to, or DM, your friends/family/lovers/colleagues telling them why their help would mean everything to you.
  • If you’re on Facebook, join as many Shadowhunters groups as you can.
  • If you’re on Twitter, join Shadowhunters group chats and look for Shadowhunters lists and follow them.
  • When you’re happy with your letter draft, start hitting up your network.
  • Make sure to tweet your vote from the ENews website every time you vote.
  • Let your voices be heard on Twitter and Facebook about who you are voting for. 
  • Tag your Shadowfam friends on FB groups and on Twitter and encourage them to vote.
  • Make sure you RT your friends voting related tweets.

Here’s a handy draft letter you can use:

Dear ________,

As you probably know, I’m a massive fan of the show Shadowhunters. I’ve been working to save the show since it was cancelled back in 2018. Sadly, we’re still campaigning and I’ve got a favor to ask. Would you mind voting for our show in the TV Scoop Awards? All you need to do is go to ENews and follow the instructions there. This show means so much to so many people. It would mean everything to me if we could save this show.



As long as the Shadowhunters characters live on in our hearts (which is a forever love), we will continue fighting to #SaveShadowhunters.

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