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'Twilight' has officially made its way to Netflix. See how well you know the films by diving in with Twitter's reactions.

‘Twilight’ is on Netflix: Where are the characters of this franchise now?

Twilight and its following films are on Netflix. Huzzahs are heard, if you’re into that sort of thing. After all, Twilight experienced something of a renaissance with fans just shrugging and rubbing their grubby little hands over Stephenie Meyer’s characters to make them as weird & wonderful as their minds can make it. It is, after all, the fandom way when dealing with canon that makes you want to cry.

Anyway with all the Twilight movies available on Netflix so you can see characters such as Edward, Bella, Alice, etc living those vampire-filled lives in Forks, Washington. Naturally, everyone has plans to do a Twilight binge this weekend. So let’s see what Twitter is thinking of with this release, shall we?


*chef’s kiss*

Thunderstorms, as Twilight teaches us, are just vampires playing baseball.


Look at the fans in their natural habitat.

Time for blanket cuddles!


It’s a look

Kudos to someone for making that.


Twilight fans are dancing in the streets

It’s a happy day for fans of the characters.



Where the heck does this fabric even come from?


Break out the boxed wine

Edward’s judging ghost sees and knows all.


Here’s the thing . . . 

To be fair, with Netflix you don’t have to change the DVD.



Want to be a vampire? Try roleplaying! Not that kind, the other kind with the dice.



That’s a way to be buried. Like the pharaohs of Egypt.



That baseball scene was trying something.

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