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From 'You' to 'The Ted Bundy Tapes', there’s plenty of true crime content online to sink your teeth into. Here are some equally crazy memes.

True crime memes: Your strange obsession in a nutshell

Who doesn’t love the thrill of watching a cold case be cracked wide open? From You to The Ted Bundy Tapes, there’s plenty of true crime content online to sink your teeth into.

But what happens when you enjoying true crime turns into a bit of an obsession? We’ve gathered these memes to warn you. And, if you can already relate to these memes, it might already be too late for you.

You should definitely space out your viewings.

If you watch them too close together, there’s no telling what it’ll do to your mind.

Might as well enjoy it.

What are you gonna do, not watch it? If you can’t fix the world, you might as well enjoy stories about how messed up it is.

Sometimes you can get too invested.

It’s a tough case to crack. Why do you think it’s still unsolved?

Just, make sure your doors are locked.

Lock your doors, windows, check behind your shower curtain, and everything in-between. Murderers might be smart. But, I’m sure you’re smarter.

Rookie mistake . . .

Can’t you wear gloves or something? It worked for Joe from You.

That’s a great conversation starter.

What are they gonna say? “Uhhhh . . . no . . . Why would I?”

God help you if you’re both . . .

WW2 true crime? What is this, a crossover episode?

Bottling those thoughts up can’t be healthy.

Make sure you share them somewhere . . . Like, with a therapist. Just an idea.

4 am Sherlock Holmes

Just go to sleep, please. You’re not gonna crack the case at 4 am.

Take deep breaths . . .

Make sure you know them very, very, well before you drop this bomb on them.

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