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Recently an urban explorer found himself on Jeffrey Epstein's island. What about security? Everything we know is right here.

Who is taking care of Jeffrey Epstein’s island? Everything we know

Jeffrey Epstein has been dead for about a year now, and in that time we’ve already seen two of his personal residencies go up for sale. However, the notorious private island officially named Little St. James, and unofficially called many things including Little St. Jeff, Pedo Island, and Orgy Island, seems to be in some kind of limbo.

While there have been reports that the local government in the Virgin Islands are trying to take the small landmass back, this hasn’t happened yet. Epstein’s island has been known for its secretive and exclusive nature, even turning away law enforcement officials when they came to check on the island while Epstein was still alive.

Recently a man named Andy Bracco, who appears to be an urban explorer, as well as one of those people who climb really high objects & buildings “for the ‘gram’”, decided to try and see if he could get onto Little St. James. The answer was, apparently, yes he could. Here’s what we learned about Little St. James.

New footage

Bracco posted a video online which, to be frank, left most people a little wanting. While yes, he did in fact, manage to sneak onto the island not once, but twice, he had very little footage to show for it.

The nearly six and a half minute video showcases his island footage intercut with old clips of Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell for the added drama, as well as some footage of himself and a friend traveling to the island. It also has copyrighted music dubbed over large portions of the video, so it’s entirely possible this video could get copyright claimed by YouTube’s algorithm at any given time.

The video forces viewers to sit through all of it since the new footage is mixed in with other clips that viewers are likely not as interested in seeing, it’s a clever way to make people watch the video longer, but definitely annoyed many of the people who left comments on the YouTube video.

A closer look

Despite the fact most people have been left wanting, there are some interesting bits in the video. For starters, they managed to get aerial drone shots that are much lower & clearer than any other photos online. You’re able to see the multiple large buildings scattered on the island, the roads, and exactly how the island was relandscaped.

Bracco and his friend even managed to get right up next to the mysterious temple-like building which has captured the curiosity of many. As he leans into the window with the camera it looks as if the building has been cleared out, the shadowing makes it hard to see, but looking closely you can make out a concrete floor and a trash can on the other side of the glass. The building has Epstein’s initials, and Bracco described in an interview that the structure looked surprisingly cheap considering how rich the man was.

The two also took footage standing on a massive sundial.

Who is guarding it?

Andy Bracco managing to sneak onto the island not once, but twice within the span of a week may leave you thinking the island is now uninhabited, but that is certainly not the case. One quick clip shows Bracco and his friend entering a small mostly empty shed-like building (the door was left open), as they stand beside an electrical control panel you can hear the loud buzzing of electricity.

The two also ran off the island during their first visit, claiming they “didn’t like” something and that they were “almost compromised”. While the footage of them running off doesn’t show viewers what spooked them, it was likely the guards who are still maintaining the island.

A news reporter not too long ago tried to dock a boat on Little St. James and never even made it off the boat before she was met with someone shooing her off of the private property. Though, at this point, whose private property isn’t entirely known.

Bracco’s warning

Andy Bracco’s YouTube video comes with a stern warning to viewers who may think getting a sneak peak at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island is a good idea. The video description says,

“I want to be extremely clear to my audience to not repeat what you see me do. Disclaimers like this are usually waived, and seem comical, as they are so common. I do not want to be a catalyst for your injury, or seizure.

“I often find shortly after releasing my content into the public domain that the governing bodies of the locations in question become aware. Although they might not be aware of when, and especially how, I visited their site they will almost always subsequently modify, and or amplify their security measures and protocols to ensure it does not happen again.”

He also told The Sun, “We got pretty lucky. But we planned it a few months ahead, spoke to locals and we knew what we were dealing with”.

We might get more?

Bracco’s video description also says he may be releasing more video footage in the coming weeks. While this first video makes it look like he can’t possibly have much more to share, this could have just been a teaser to get the internet interested.

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