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Breaking news: Is CNN a hotbed of abuse?

What’s in the dark will always come to light – especially when the journalists become the headlines. Breaking news on CNN has revealed the cable network has been hiding the mistreatment of its own employees. They’re now bravely speaking power to what they’ve suffered.

In 1980, CNN was a little-known twenty-four-hour news channel. By 2018, it had become a staple of liberal homes all over the U.S.. People turned to them for updates on politics, entertainment, in-demand information, and the hottest topics in a global conversation.

However, CNN was allegedly avoiding breaking the news of its own dirty deeds. Unfortunately for them, though, you can’t work in journalism and not expect a scandalous story to reach the public. Is everyone’s favorite source also a source of abuse?

breaking news on cnn

Too hot

Chairman & chief executive Chris Licht stepped into his position with promise. Under his leadership, CNN would continue thriving as the global leader in journalism. It was a direct challenge against then-president Trump’s attack on free speech & the necessity of the media.

In light of breaking news on the darker experiences of CNN employees, it has become an omen. One that has manifested into multiple allegations of abuse, harassment, and pays discrepancies since the first story broke in December 2021. Of course, they haven’t been very vocal about these incidents.

In fact, not many stories have broken the mainstream threshold since. It’s very ironic when you consider Licht got his start investigating the O.J. Simpson trial back in 1994. He’s now being accused of not investigating harmful behaviors happening in his own backyard.

breaking news on cnn

On the low

Licht is no stranger to criticism. Various companies have delivered breaking news on CNN and the way it conducts business. The news channel has been dragged through the mud for unfair treatment of employees and even turning CNN into a “no-fun zone” for New Year’s Eve.

CNN has had no problem bringing these issues to light. Yet, the story of CNN producer John Griffin being brought up on charges of sexually abusing young girls has remained on the back burner. Griffin hasn’t just been accused, he’s reaching a deal as of September after being found guilty.

This should be breaking news on CNN. Everyone should be hearing about it and the billion-dollar news channel should be spreading the word. Instead, CNN ran one story back in December 2021 and never spoke of it again. It makes you wonder what else they’ve been hiding.

breaking news on cnn

Mum’s the word

Most companies have faced public scrutiny regarding how they conduct business. The more people are employed, the larger the margin for error in human interactions. Ego & entitlement are bound to merge their ugly heads and wreak havoc regardless of any protections in place.

CNN becoming the target of other broadcast companies breaking news reports was inevitable. Just look at the laundry list of incidents on the Wikipedia page for CNN controversies like with Chris Cuomo. From biased storytelling to notable individuals, sordid tales know no boundaries.

It’s the silence of CNN when it comes to their own dirt that leaves people giving them the side-eye. They don’t speak as loudly about their own dirt as they do of others and it’s very suspicious. More importantly, it makes them seem like they have more to hide when their secrets are eventually revealed.

breaking news on cnn

Surviving CNN

The higher-ups may be silent, but the employees are breaking the news on what they’ve endured at CNN. The details are chilling. They’ve been overworked, underpaid, and taken advantage of by their superiors. The only thing scarier is the wall of silence around their experiences.

The more they speak out, the less choice the world will have to listen. The braver they are with their willingness to speak their truth, the harder it’ll be for CNN to silence them. CNN is a highly profitable news channel just like MSNBC or the controversial Fox News.

Griffin is only the tip of this explosive iceberg. It’s only a matter of time before the real story meets breaking news and CNN is finally put on blast. Until then, keep an eye out for all the stories you don’t hear from them. The only thing louder than pictures is calculated silence.

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