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Bill Clinton has been tied to Jeffrey Epstein in a number of ways, so how close was he to Ghislaine Maxwell?

Was Bill Clinton close to Jeffrey Epstein’s madam Ghislaine Maxwell?

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton can’t escape his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. As the investigation against Epstein’s estate proceeds in the Virgin Islands, more evidence comes to light tying Clinton to Epstein and further outlining Clinton’s relationship to Epstein’s madam Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Maxwell is currently awaiting her own trial in a Manhattan prison cell. The new evidence showcases how close she was to Clinton and implies Maxwell & Clinton met in 2014 for an “intimate” dinner meeting.

“An intimate dinner with Clinton in LA”

In a report published by The Daily Beast, Ghislaine Maxwell & Bill Clinton met with a few other friends at a vegan restaurant in LA after a gala in 2014. Relayed by an anonymous source, the intimate affair included Clinton, Maxwell, producer Steven Bing, Snapchat executive Ben Schwerin, talent agent Michael Kives, and tech CEO Scott Borgerson.

Notably, Borgerson is rumored to be Maxwell’s secret husband, and no one is certain when the two got married if they’re together. By 2014, Maxwell was unofficially tied in the public opinion to Jeffrey Epstein, so Bill Clinton inviting her to a dinner is an unusual decision.

Fighting Clinton’s decision

While Bill Clinton was all for Ghislaine Maxwell attending his intimate dinner, his former staffers were against the idea. After Jeffrey Epstein’s trial in 2008, Ghislaine Maxwell was tied to Epstein in the media. Clinton’s staffers were concerned her reputation would restart the stories about Bill Clinton’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

Clinton’s longtime gatekeeper Doug Band tried to cut Maxwell out of Clinton’s life in 2011. Multiple sources also confirmed Clinton’s aides were fighting the day of Maxwell’s invitation.

Close to the Clintons

This isn’t the first time Clinton’s relationship to Ghislaine Maxwell was a point of contention. Maxwell had a front-row seat to Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding and was seen backstage at numerous Clinton Global Initiative events. Many anonymous sources say Bill Clinton was as close to Ghislaine Maxwell as he was to Jeffrey Epstein.

The source who spoke with The Daily Beast made it clear Maxwell being invited to this dinner was a purposeful choice. “Think of all the people [Clinton] knows in L.A., and Ghislaine gets to attend.” Even if his staffers disagree, the source shared that Clinton cared too much about Maxwell to let her go. 

As Ghislaine Maxwell begins preparing for her 2021 trial, many are curious to see how Bill Clinton handles the situation. Since the two have met in the past ten years, the prosecution may be interested in subpoenaing Clinton for the trial.

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